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The women made paintings, weavings, pottery, 8mm films and later started to make several performances in churches in Erfurt. The women were looking for ways to express themselves individually in a controlled society, dominated by men. The women artists could only perform in private spaces or in churches.

People were making self-made outfits. For the show they were looking for models — normal women, not the women seen in fashion magazines — and many women responded to it. Before seeing the selection of pictures, those invited to participate neither knew what sort of paintings they would be faced with, nor did they know that these would be images from the former GDR.

I asked them each to describe their chosen work of art to me, but provided no guidelines as to how the artworks should be described.

The picture itself remains concealed from the camera as well as the audience — only the backside of the painting is visible. The video material invites us to observe the speakers, their gestures, their searching gaze and their moments of discomfort. We are witness to their struggle to capture the picture in words.

Instead of a debate concerning political contexts for art or questions regarding its value, we observe intimate, individual encounters with paintings. The question of the quality of these works remains unanswered — that is, neither negative nor positive assumptions are made, as has often been the case when works of the Socialist Realism period are shown.

Instead, the focus is on the dynamics of viewing art itself, as well as the attempt to capture this experience in words. The image is reflected in the faces, words, and attitudes of the participants, but remains hidden from view in the final installation. We have only an empty backside, an ironic commentary on the absence of these images in the public realm.

This film is edited from TV sources recording the flights from South Korea via Pyongyang, the airport and the streets of Pyongyang. However, the couple succeeds in reuniting for one day a year, on July 7, when birds who took pity on them built a bridge across the Milky Way. Yun compared the myth to North-South relations. The distance between North and South is as far as the distance across the Milky Way.

The encounter of Gyeonu and Jiknyeo symbolises reunification. Yun, when he composed the piece, may have been imagining the infinite number of birds needed to build a bridge spanning the galaxy. Unable to return to his divided country, Yun died an exile — in a newly reunified Germany, no less.

As a result of the electricity shortage, North Korea has resorted to a rationing system. The country often experiences blackouts for extended periods of time, and power losses due to an antiquated transmission grid are high.

North Korea also has reportedly discussed the possibility of electricity aid with Russia. This was a birthday gift commissioned by a collector for her own birthday that appears in the form of a three-screen video installation. Imagining a position other than the one that they are already in. Anticipating being in a position other than the one that they are already in. Longing for a situation other than one that they are already in. Daehan News was the name of a propaganda film series made by the Korean government press from to During this time, Daehan News produced one film clip per week.

He appears in this film as the man for whom every day is celebrated as a birthday. If the United States defines North Korea as a dictatorial country of totalitarian insanity, this is due not from a misunderstanding of North Korea, but by a misunderstanding of the United States.

If the majority of Americans knew what has happened this last century, like how the U. The irony is that during the last several decades, South Korea was absolutely a country run by several one-man dictatorships.

South Korea has been in the same situation as North Korea except for one thing — the tyrant has changed several times. Textausgabe mit Verweisungen und Sachverzeichnis. Baugesetzbuch: Mit Wertermittlungsverordnung und -Richtlinien, Baunutzungsverordnung, Planzeichenverordnung, Raumordnungsgesetz undRaumordnungsverordnung. Arbeitsschutzgesetze Alle wichtigen aushangpflichtigen Vorschriften. Strafvollzugsgesetz StVollzG : Mit Verwaltungsvorschriften, Strafvollstreckungsordnung, Untersuchungshaftvollzugsordnung, Bundeszentralregistergesetz undJugendgerichtsgesetz.

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