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Quick Links. Download this manual. Compact Disc Remote Changer. Please read this manual to maximize your enjoyment of the outstanding performance and feature. Veuillez lire ce mode d'emploi pour tirer pleinement profit des excellentes performances et fonctions de.

Points to Observe for Safe Usage. Read this manual carefully before starting operation and use this. We cannot be responsible for problems resulting. This manual uses various pictorial displays to show how to use this. Here is what these pictorial displays. Understanding them is important for reading this manual. Il est important. Signification des affichages. This label is intended to alert the user to the. Failure to heed the instructions will result in. Failure to heed the instructions can result in.

Doing so may lead to accident, fire or electric. En cas d'ingestion,. If swallowed, consult a. Failure to do so may result in electric shock or injury due to electrical. Sinon il y a risque d'incendie ou.

Failure to do so may cause fire or accident. Doing so may exceed the current carrying capacity of the wire and result in fire or. Doing so may obstruct forward vision. Il y a risque d'incendie, d'accident. Failure to take such precautions may result in fire or cause an.

Ne jamais utiliser. Never use safety-related parts such as bolts or nuts. Using such parts could disable control of the vehicle and cause brake. Route the cables and. Failure to do so may cause failure of unit or. The wiring and installation. To ensure safety, always.

When problems occur such as a. Failure to do so may result in an accident or injury. Failure to do so may result in electric shock or injury. Il y a risque d'accident et de blessure.

Do not insert. Doing so may result in personal injury or damage to. Vous pourriez vous blesser ou endommager l'appareil. Use of other. A high incidence. Puntos que debe respetar para un uso seguro. Declinamos toda responsabilidad. Este manual utiliza diversas ilustraciones para mostrar como utili-. Es muy. Esta etiqueta previene al usuario de la presencia. Si ces instructions ne sont pas suivies, des blessures. Si no sigue estas instrucciones, corre el riesgo.

Esta etiqueta previene al usuario de Ia presencia. Si ces instructions ne sont pas suivies, des blessures ou. No utilice nunca piezas relacionadas. Encamine los cables y los hilos de manera que no sean agujereados por piezas.

El cableado y la. Para garantizar la seguridad, contacte siempre el distribuidor al que ha. Un alto grado de. Perform the installation at a location that is level. Make sure. Effectuez l'installation sur un emplacement plat. Assurez vous. Consulez les sections Connexions et Fonctionnement avant. Refer to the Connections and Operation sections before you.

Install the Shuttle properly using the "L" type brackets sup-. Un montage incorrect peut. Improper installation can degrade performance causing. Install the Shuttle in the trunk of the car or another suitable. Installez le changeur dans le coffre de la voiture ou dans un. In the passenger compartment of some cars, the. Dans le compartiment passager de. Make sure that the installation. The CHA-S should be mounted to a stable surface.

If no. Shuttle , vous devrez construire une plaque de fixation. Choose a location which allows easy access. Determine the. Choisissez I'empla-. Then have the necessary parts. For the vertical installation be sure to install the Shuttle with. Shuttle avec I'ouverture d'insertion du magasin de disques. Installation of Shuttle.

Installation du changeur Shuttle. Do not install the Shuttle near the vehicle's fuel tank. This will. Never install the Shuttle on the rear deck or front dashboard. The temperatures caused by direct sunlight at these. The Alpine Warranty will be voided in. Verrouillage en vue du transport. Three transport locks have been attached to the. Remove these transport locks before using. Keep the removed transport locks in the plastic bag.

Mounting in the Trunk. Montage dans le coffre. Make sure the mounting angle of the Shuttle installa-. Assurez-vous que l'angle de montage de l'installation du. The Shut-. Remove the covers provided at both left and right. Change the position of the spring with your finger. Use the figure to determine which spring position. Changez la position des ressorts avec votre doigt.


Alpine CD Changer 6-Disc CHA-S624



Alpine CHA-S624 Owner's Manual



Alpine CHA-S624 Disc Changers


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