According to the passage It is stated in the passage that It is argued in the passage that The author argues that The writer explains that The writer suggests that The writer is of the opinion that..

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Baki x. Such is the stuff of dreams. That is, he was punnished to be executed. In other words, they were trying to change his mind. Namely, they were trying to change his mind. Anderson, who killed her husband, was arrested yesterday.

Anderson was arrested for killing her husband, which surprised everybody. What is included in the non-fiction stories is not imaginary events and characters. The main function of fictional works is to entertain readers. Fictional works aim at enabling readers to spend their time joyously or pleasurably.

Unknown things arouse great interest in us. We are interested in the things we are not familiar with. In Arabian ghettos, there are few things that men do at home. While walking along the river, he saw berries in the water. He dived down for them, but was stunned when he unexpectedly struck the bottom. There he lay for quite a while, and when he recovered consciousness and looked up, he saw the berries hanging on a tree just above him.

A the berries are at the bottom of the river. B the man was paralysed for having bombed his head on the bottom of the river. C the man saw the berries reflected rather than actually floating in the water. That star is Alpha Centauri, just 4. Other than our own Sun, the nearest star to the Earth is a tiny red star, not visible without a telescope, called Proxima Centauri.

B Proxima Centauri is the furthest star to the Earth. C Alpha Centauri is invisible from the Earth. D Proxima Centauri is less than 4.

E Proxima Centauri is larger than the star Alpha Centauri. A Titanium has been forged for thousands of years.

B The lost-wax method of casting is very old. C Metal working has changed very little in 3, years. B Some varieties of apples can be developed in a short time, but others take a long time.

C New varieties of apples take many years to develop. A Blood cholesterol is no longer a problem for adults. B Only children have a problem with blood cholesterol. C Blood cholesterol affects both adults and children. With William Shakespeare, English drama reaches its greatest heights. Despite many stories surrounding him, facts about his life are few. He was born in Stratford-on-Avon, where his birthplace has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Britain.

In , he married Ann Hathaway, by whom he had three children. Of the next ten years of his life we know very little. For reasons unknown to us, he set off for London to become an actor and try his hand at play-writing.

A the reasons why Shakespeare chose London to try his chance at play-writing B the period of English drama in the early 15th century C how Stratford-on-Avon became a tourist attraction D the criteria Shakespeare took into consideration while writing his plays E the biography of William Shakespeare and his contribution to English drama During the second half of the 18th century, the stability of the Augustan Age was gradually lost in a period of social change and growing unrest.

The Industrial Revolution was turning England from an agricultural nation into an industrial one, and large numbers of farm workers were forced to seek employment in the new factories in the towns, which often resulted in long hours and miserable working conditions for those who were lucky enough to find a job there and poverty and wretchedness for those who were not.

The period of industrialisation brought wealth and prosperity to the country at large, but the enthusiasm with which it was received by some people was not shared by all. Her brain waves started levelling off. The medical team immediately began emergency treatment to try to start the heart again. At last the chief surgeon announced that the patient had died. Her heart started, and her brain waves began to assume normal patterns.

She believed that she came back to life because she wanted so badly to live longer. The experts admit that they have no satisfactory explanations for these near-death experiences NDE. But in fact, fairies don't like to be seen by people at all. These tiny creatures can appear and disappear in the blink of an eye. You may never know if you've seen one or not! But you can be sure of one thing: there is a wealth of fascinating myth about these little people who can vanish at will.

A are striking creatures that move very slowly B are rather different from ghosts in that they want to help people very much C never refuse to accept any offer coming from children D are creatures that are too small to be noticed E have taken their places only in stories or films The environment is something you are very familiar with.

It's everything that makes up our surroundings and affects our ability to live on the earth—the air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth's surface, the plants and animals around us, and much more.

In recent years, scientists have been carefully examining the ways that people affect the environment. They have found that we are causing air pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and other problems that are dangerous both to the earth and to ourselves.

The language has eight dialects. Speakers of Basque are for the most part bilingual, and there are many Basques who do not speak the language. Basque is definitely not an Indo-European tongue. Some scholars believe it is descended from Aquitanian, which was spoken on the Iberian Peninsula and in South Gaul in ancient times.

Other linguists think Basque is akin to the Caucasian languages and suggest that its speakers came from Asia Minor to Spain and Gaul c. But how does a huge airplane get off the ground? As it moves, air flowing around the wings creates lift. The lift increases as the plane gathers speed. When the plane is in the air, thrust from the engines incessantly pushes the plane forward.

Bir tane kitap yeterli mi? Others bize sorulabilir. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a sage, not a scientist, but he was more keenly interested in the scientific advances of his day than is commonly realized. One of his early aspirations was to be "a naturalist", and he started his career 21 ….. To date, however, this side of Emerson's thought and life 24 …….

Emerson's life in science is the best of books 25 …….. He used his money to build up a magnificent private art collection. In his last will and testament, he left money for the maintenance of the museum. He was Plato's pupil for the first few years. In he undertook the tutorship of Alexander, then 13 years of age, son of Philip, King of Macedonia. When Alexander succeeded his father B. Aristotle returned shortly to Athens and created a new school and center of learning called the Lyceum.

The first television broadcast of the Oscars took place in - on black and white TV, telecast throughout the US and Canada. By the mids it was telecast in over countries. In Greek mythology he was known as Eros, the young son of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. To the Romans, he was Cupid, son of Venus. As a mortal Psyche, she was forbidden to look at him.

Eventually, her sisters convinced her to look at the handsome Cupid. Cupid found her lifeless on the ground and removed the eternal sleep from her body. Their kind of sensitivity is strictly high-tech. No one really understands how and why this happens. A It is certain that the fire that had burned down the two factory buildings was started by Steven.

B Although they had no proof, Steven was the one suspected of starting the fire which burned down the two factory buildings. C The accusations against Steven were dropped after the two buildings burned down at the factory. D They accused Steven after they had proof that the two factory buildings had been burned down. E Steven denied the accusation that he had started the fire that burned down the two factory buildings.

Hangisi daha iyi bilemiyorum. Belki de hepsi. Kelime ezberlemekle vakit kaybetmeyin!


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Only, merely, just, purely, solely, simply, exclusively. Unlike the older forms of occultism, such as magic and astrology, organized occultism is a modern phenomenon. Few of the various organized occult movements have existed for more than years; some were formed as a belated countermovement to the Enlightenment, when people began to follow rational schools of thought. Examples include extrasensory perceptions such as telepathy and telekinesis, and haunted places or people.



A increased B ha ve increased C was increasing D has increased E had increased 2. The police A is conducting B ha ve been conducted C are conducting D has been conducting E had been conducting 3. A ha ve broadcast B were broadcast C will be broadcast D was broadcast E has been broadcast 5. We are really happy to hear that the restoration of the hall A has been B were C is D had been E would be 6.

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