Over the years, we've had more requests for aircraft flight manuals than any other product. We're happy to continue offering Aircraft Information Manuals, similar to the type sold by the airplane manufacturers. They include the same data and limitations contained in the original aircraft Pilot's Operating Handbook. Our reproductions are all done on state of the art Canon digital printers, after being meticulously cleaned up and scanned. My Account.

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This is the Flight Manual assigned. Serial No. AMM 3. Welcome to the ranks of Cessna owners! Your Cessna has been designed and constructed to give you the most in performance,economy, and comfort. It isourdesire that you will find flying it, either for business or pleasure, a pleasant and profitable experience. This Pilot's Operating Handbook has been prepared as a guide to help you get the mas!

It contains information about your Cessna's equipment, operating procedures, and performance; and suggestions for it; servicing and care. We urge you to read it from cover to cover, and to refer to it frequently. Our interest in your flying pleasure has not ceased with your purchase of a Cessna. The following services are offered by most Cessna Dealers:.

Specific benefits and provisions of warranty, plus other important benefits for you, are contained in your Customer Care Program book,. Warranty service is available to you at authorized Cessna Dealers throughout the world upon presentation of your Customer Care Card which establishes your eligibility under the warranty. We urge all Cessna owners to use the Cessna Dealer Organization to the fullest. A current Cessna Dealer Directory accompanies your new airplane.

The Directory is. Make your. Directory one of your cross-country flight planning aids; a warm welcome awaits you at every Cessna Dealer. Maximum at Sea Level. Power at. Gallons Usable Fuel.

Power at Ft. Maximum Range at. Total Distance Over Ft Obstacle. Ground Roll. Flaps Up, Power Off. Skyhawk II. Standard Tanks. Long Range Tanks. The Pilot's Operating Handbook in the airplane at the time of delivery from Cessna Aircraft Company contains information applicable to the Modell72N airplane designated by the serial number and registration number shown on the Title Page of this handbook. Changes andlor additions to this handbook will be covered by revisions published by Cessna Aircraft Company.

These revisions are distributed to all Cessna Dealers and to owners of U. Registered aircraft according to FAA records at the time of revision issuance. Revisions should be examined immediately upon receipt and incorporated in this handbook. It is the responsibility of the owner to maintain this handbook in a current status when it is being used for operational purposes.

Owners should contact their Cessna Dealer whenever the revision status of their handbook is in question. This bar will be located adjacent to the applicable revised area on the outer margin of the page. All reVISed pages will carry the revision number and date on the applicable page.

The following Log of Effective Pages provides the dates of issue for original and revised a listing of ali pages in the handbook. Pages aHected by the current revision are asterisk ' preceding the pages listed.

Dates of issue for original and revised pages are:. Refer to Section 9 Table of Contents. Three View. Descriptive Data. Maximum Certificated Weights. Baggage Space And Entry Dimensions. Specific Loadings.

Symbols, Abbreviations And Terminology. General Airspeed Terminology And Symbols. Meteorological Terminology Engine Power Terminology. Weight And Balance Terminology. Figure This handbook contains 9 sections, and includes the material required. It also contains supplemental data supplied by Cessna Aircraft Company. Section 1 provides basic data and information of general interest.

It also contains definitions or explanations of symbols, abbreviations, and terminology commonly used. Number of Engines: 1. Engine Manufacturer: Avco Lycoming. Number of Blades: 2. Propeller Diameter, Maximum: 75 inches. Minimum: 74 inches. Propeller Type: Fixed pitch. Approved Fuel Grades and Colors :. Fuel Capacity:. Standard Tanks:.

Total Capacity: 43 gallons. Total Capacity Each Tank: Total Usable: 40 gallons. Long Range Tanks:. Total Capacity: 54 gallons. Total Capacity Each Tank: 27 gallons. Total Usable: 50 gallons. To ensure maximum fuel capacity when refueling and minimize cross-feeding when parked on a sloping surface, place the fuel selector valve in either LEFT or RIGHT position.

Oil Grade Specification :. Continue to use until a total of 50 hours has accumulated or oil consumption has stabilized. This oil should be drained after the first 25 hours of operation.

Recommended Viscosity for Temperature Range:. Oil Capacity:. Sump: 6 Quarts. Total: 7 Quarts if oil filter installed. Ramp, Normal Category: bs. Utility Category: lbs. Takeoff, Normal Category: lbs. Landing, Normal Category: lbs. Weight in Baggage Compartment, Normal Category:.

Baggage Area 1 or passenger on child's seat - Station 82 to lbs. See note below. Baggage Area 2 - Station to 50 lbs. NOTE The maximum combined weight capacity for baggage areas 1 and 2 is lbs. Weight in Baggage Compartment, Utility Category: In this category, the baggage compartment and rear seat must not be occupied. Standard Empty Weight, Skyhawk: bs. Skyhawk II: bs. Maximum Useful Load:. Normal Category. Utility Category. Skyhawk II:. Detailed dimensions of the cabin interior and entry door openings are illustrated in Section 6.

Wing Loading: Power Loading:


Cessna 172N Manual (1979) D1138-13



Cessna 172N Skyhawk 1979 Pilot's Information Manual (D1138-13)



Cessna 172N POH 1979 (Pathfinder Aircraft).pdf




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