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Some Veterans may qualify home care. The Veterans Affairs VA website can be dense and difficult to navigate. Know this will take some time and many phone calls. Also, remember that there are many other ways to help pay for home care and assisted living that veterans may qualify for. You should apply for both although you might not qualify for VA pension benefits.

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This form must be signed by a M. Eligibility for Aid and Attendance can be broken down into four requirements. One of those requirements focuses on the health of the applicant. In order to properly report the health of the applicant to the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Form should be completed and submitted.

To answer this question you must understand what the VA wants to see. Medical eligibility for Aid and Attendance means that the applicant requires the assistance of another person with multiple activities of daily living. Activities of daily living are basic self-care needs such as bathing, dress, and transferring.

Some questions directly address needs like bathing and ambulating. If the applicant requires assistance with these activities, the doctor must make that known. Ideally, the doctor would explain why the applicant requires that care. Make it clear to the doctor that this form must be thoroughly completed. One word answers should be avoided. You should pay careful attention to questions 10, 23, and If those questions are answered thoroughly and indicate that the patient requires care, the applicant will be considered medically eligible by the VA.

Simply stated, Aid and Attendance pays more than Housebound. More often than not, those applicants also require assistance with multiple activities of daily living. What is VA Form ? How should VA Form be completed?

Aid and Attendance or Housebound? Share this:.


1.14. VA Form 21-2680 Request for Aid and Attendance/Housebound Status

When submitting an application for Pension it is important to do it right. Missing documents or errors on the application can delay a decision for up to a year because of the required notification and response times from VA for handling claims. The first of these are applications for veteran households with low income and few assets. For living veterans under the age of 65, medical evidence must also be submitted for proof of total disability. Anyone on Social Security disability is considered totally disabled for purposes of Pension.


VA Form 21-2680: Request for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits


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