Embed Size px x x x x The test has t 0 ection, I and II. The time available for each section i 70 minute. You cannot.

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Embed Size px x x x x The test has t 0 ection, I and II. The time available for each section i 70 minute. You cannot. Pattern of the test and marking scheme. You are e pected to how your competence in both the ection. Each wrong ans er will attract a p nalty of on mark.

There are no negati e mark for unattempted que tion. You can na igat to any question of your choic ithin a s ction. During the t st, you can mark questions for r vie and return to th m at a con enient tim9. An an wer once marked can be changed any number of time before ubmitting the te t.

However th la t marked an wer will be con idered as the final an wer. Do not carry calculator, lide rul or any oth r calculating de ice. Do not carry any other. This test has two sections with 60 questions - 30 questions in each section. The time available for each section is 70 minutes and you cannot return to the first sectiononce you have started the second section. You are expected to show your competence in both the sections. All questions carry three marks each.

Each wrong answer will attract a penalty of one mark. The following line graph gives the percentage increase in the sales of two companies A and 8, in four years from to , when compared to their sales in the previous year. In which year was the increase in the sales for company A the highest? A 8 C 0 If the ratio of the sales of companies A and 8 in was 1 : 2, then in , the sales of A forms approximatelywhat percentage of sales of 8?

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. All right rc cr cd. Thi oursematerial i onl for the u c of bonafide tudcnt of Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. The table below gives the details of 15 students and their respective grades in different subjects.

Name Subject. Kapoor, from city A, decided to visit city D , in the month of June. As travel by bus or train was very taxing hedecided to go by air to city D from city A. As there were no direct flights between these cities, he had to first fly to eithercity 8 or city e and then fly to city D from there.

Only a single airline operates flights from A to either 8 or e and thesame was the case with travel from 8 or e to D. Assume that, irrespective of the route that Mr. Kapoor takes, he alwaysfinishes his journey on the same day that he starts. As he wanted to minimize the cost of travel, Mr. Kapoor collectedthe following information regarding the airfares in Rs. The flights are connected in such a way that a person can go from A to D, via 8 or C, on the same day.

What is the minimum fare for travelling by flight fromA to D on any day in the month of June? If Mr. Kapoor wants to limit his travelling expensesto Rs. Prakash, Varun and Gajini had to paint threeidentical fences. On the first day, only Prakashturned up for work and he completed the work onlyon the first fence taking m hours.

On the secondday, all three of them turned up for work and theycompleted the work only on the second fence taking m - 4 hours. What is the value of m? The ratio of the incomes of Madhu and Sonal is7 : 5 and the ratio of their savings is 5 : 4.

Sonal spends Triumphant Instituteof Management Education Pvt. HO: , 2ndFloor, iddamsetty omplex, ecunderabad Parivartan Electronic Services assemblescomputers. Over a period of time, the hardwareengineers made the following observation regardingtwo vital components - the USB port and CO drive. The probability that the USB port is defective is 0. View Download 0 Category Documents.

You cannot r turn to section I once you have tarted to an wer ction II. Rough paper for calculation ill b pro ided. Triumph nt Institute ofManagement Education Pvt. Trumphant IMt.. Ref: AIMe Tl 1. A 8 C 0 2. Date Air fare Rs. A-8 A-C 8-D C-D1 2 Date Air fare Rs. A-8 A-C 8-D C-D16 17 The flights are connected in such a way that a person can go from A to D, via 8 or C, on the same day.

Find the sum of the perimeters in cm of allthe triangles in the figure. Madhu savesspends. A tank has two compartments, I and II. Two taps Xand. Aimcat Paper Documents. Aimcat Documents.


AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

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Aimcat 1201 A

This change has been made to enable you to schedule your. After the address of a pointer to the IAMMultiMediaStream interface is retrieved, it will be used to initialize the stream, add specific media streams to the current fiiter graph, and open and automaticaiiy create a filter graph for the specified media fiie. Make sure your media fiie is not piaying when you the set the format. See these related sections if you want to play back media fiies or specify the video piayback window: A candidate can easily clear the exam by efficiently following the study plan, is adaptable in his methodology and is theoretically clear among different components.

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