Hawaii has long been a dream destination for travelers and also for builders who come from around the world seeking to learn more of the advantages and popularity of steel framing. Developers and homeowners in Hawaii select steel for many reasons. It is locally manufactured, durable, resistant to fire, insect damage and extreme weather conditions and is cost effective for the long term, giving peace of mind to the homeowner. Military housing, private residential and nonresidential construction provide significant growth opportunities for steel framing and the companies that support it. In , cold-formed steel framing accounted for about 75 percent of all new housing ventures on the island of Oahu, and as the Hawaii steel framing industry continues to grow, it will provide many opportunities for members and their customers.

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The goal of this chapter was to disseminate the latest cold-formed steel design information to all structural engineers in the state. It was about two years ago that we took another name to better describe our mission.

This will ensure that best design practices for cold-formed steel will be followed and enforced. We are keen on continuously providing continuing education programs as well as updated information on cold-formed steel framing to engineers and design professionals.

This year, we are currently preparing a number of potential topics for our meetings. They all deserve to be recognized for their commitment, generous contributions and leadership. Join us as we continue to provide a strong environment for educating the design and construction community on cold-formed steel framing. Steel is the most recycled material in the construction industry.

Cold-formed steel reduces consumption of fossil fuels with manufacturing locations closer to Hawaii jobsites, and cold-formed steel manufacturing reduces the amount of construction material at the jobsite. The HPSFA is here to provide resources, education, innovations and support to further the use of cold-formed steel construction. This resource guide is a valuable reference on how to get started in cold-formed steel framing and sustain its use for residential and commercial construction projects.

First published in , this guide has become a keystone of information on cold-formed steel framing and showcases our membership and their services. We renewed our commitment to create value for our industry partners and members by partnering with the newly-organized Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute — Hawaii chapter. Among the major developers and builders, steel remains the preferred building material from walls to floors, and its use in roof trusses continues to grow. Steel occupies this position because of its versatility, its strength, its cost-effectiveness and its recyclability.

Our members consistently participate in our programs, learn from and conduct our training sessions and attend meetings to further their knowledge of the industry.

We thank them for their generous support in these activities, in particular for their participation in the Pacific Rim Steel Framing Conference to make this biannual event an overwhelming success. Through the dissemination of proper information, facilitation of training and education, sponsorship of research and testing, coordination of the sharing of ideas and methods, and participation in trade shows, the HPSFA helps its membership advance to the forefront of home building in the Pacific Rim.

The HPSFA stands as a stronger and more focused organization and is poised to help grow your business in and beyond.

As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary, let us all together help open up new opportunities and drive growth with steel framing. Akira Usami President Aloha! This is a valuable tool for consumers and building industry professionals alike looking to build a home using cold-formed steel framing.

It is also a great example to all of us in North America, presenting a comprehensive guidebook that acts as a one-stop shopping source for residential steel framing. The Steel Framing Alliance SFA exists to develop a market environment in which growth in the use of residential steel framing can be rapidly accelerated.

HPSFA plays a key role in this effort by bringing together companies to achieve common goals and increase market potential. This is an exciting time to be in the steel framing industry.

New organizations and industries are coming together to bring additional resources to the table for expanding this market. With the huge potential for growth in steel-framed housing, the time is right to aggressively expand its use. With the help of alliances across the country, the network of suppliers and contractors will be provided to achieve these goals.

If you have been sitting on the fence, I encourage you to get involved. The HPSFA has monthly membership meetings and provides educational opportunities and training for its members.

Our logo: The petroglyph symbolizes the steel framer in the field, his importance to the industry, and the heritage and cultures of the people from the Pacific. He holds up a steel stud, a durable product that has quickly become the preferred building material. The rainbow represents the Pacific Rim and all the respective ohanas families , spanning from east to west, the Americas to Asia.

It also represents the various climates around the Pacific, blessed by the sun and nourished by the rain. The predominant color is forest green representing the green building qualities steel framing has to offer. Torres mtorres hawaiisteel. CEMCO , cbaldwin cemcosteel. As an institute of the national Steel Framing Alliance SFA , the CFSEI is made up of hundreds of structural engineers and other design professionals who are finding a better way to produce safe and efficient designs for commercial and residential structures with cold-formed steel.

The chapter board of directors meets monthly and brings members. The Hawaii chapter also is involved with conducting continuing research at the University of Hawaii Engineering Department, where corrosion of fastener.

The Steel Stud Manufacturers Association SSMA endeavors to supply products that meet or exceed standards established by national, state and local code bodies and by recognized industry associations. These products recognized by ICBO Evaluation Service of the SSMA comply with the Uniform Building Code and have a four-part identification code which identifies the size both depth and flange width , style, and material thickness of each member.

Visit www. The SFA is an international organization leading the. Material Thickness: Example: 0. Minimum base metal thickness represents Member volunteers constructed a 10foot by foot steel-framed booth highlighting the many advantages of steel framing.

We wish to thank all of the sponsors and volunteers who donated products, time and efforts for making our promotion possible. The recipients must be enrolled full-time in the graduate program with an emphasis in structural engineering. The participants and their modules were judged on speed, quality of work, adherence to design specifications and appearance. Behind each framer is the support and motivation of his employer.

Sponsored annually by the HPSFA, the competition gives steel framers an opportunity to publicly demonstrate their knowledge and speed in the discipline of steel framing.

Leaping into The HPSFA is poised to leap into with programs and activities that are helping to make steel framing more competitive than ever. Check our web site www. Training on Cold-Formed Steel Framing The Alliance training initiative is to grow a new generation of skilled professionals who are well versed in the design, construction and analysis of cold-formed steel framing. Held at the Hilton Waikiki Prince Kuhio, the conference gathered.

It included a trade expo featuring different products and services on steel and related products. Additionally, the CFSEI held its annual meeting and technology sessions in conjunction with PACRIM, which included a jobsite tour and special presentations on resisting progressive collapse as well as the structural effects of the recent earthquake in Hawaii. In 10 short years, it has exemplified what an alliance can do when competitors come together with common goals to increase market potential.

As we celebrate our years of growth, we have looked back and examined the accomplishments of the HPSFA for the first 10 years of its existence. Today, we benefit from its successes. Since then, the HPSFA has stayed on track to achieve its goal of becoming a vital steel framing resource for designers, managers, estimators, suppliers and contractors.

The HPSFA has assisted the national alliance in establishing important elements such as building codes and standards, prescriptive building methods, tools and software to enable the homebuilding market for steel.

As the stage is set, HPSFA has been engaging everyone involved in, or affected by, the building industry through various programs. The result has been a long list of educational programs offered throughout the islands, acceptance of most building departments of prescriptive design, the successful PACRIM conferences and several dozen networking events and member meetings that have facilitated the spread of news and information about steel framing.

In its early years, the HPSFA also distributed the green binders — a product catalog and standards manual on steel framing, which has become the main reference among industry players. For nine years, it is responsible for the production of an annual resource guide in partnership with Trade Publishing which provides the latest updates in steel framing technology and services, past activities and list of members. Please patronize the HPSFA members listed in this guide as they are knowledgeable and experienced in offering products and services for any construction project.

The HPSFA has brought in speakers from all over to talk at its functions on various topics like fire, acoustical values, building codes, Formosan termites, adhesives, steel structures, design standards, connectors, fasteners and many others.

It has taken programs and. With continuing recruitment program and initiating efforts to bring knowledge through education, promotion and networking,. The creation of the Big Island Chapter proves this. With the integration of the ColdFormed Steel Engineers Institute with the national and local alliance, we expect our membership to increase in great number.

The HPSFA has reinforced its consumer thrust by participating in various trade shows and placing advertisements on the attributes of steel framing. Year after year, residential steel framing has greatly benefited the housing industry here in Hawaii.

Homeowners, more than ever, have been asking the benefits and cost-effectiveness of a steel-framed home for both new construction and remodeling. We look forward to offering more new ways to engage all players in the building industry to the future of construction — steel framing. Market Share Since its inception, the HPSFA faithfully disseminates the latest design information to all building industry players in the state of Hawaii.

In , 70 to 75 percent of new homes. Today, Hawaii has become the undisputed worldwide leader in the percentage of homes framed with steel. As new players are coming together to bring additional resources to the table for expanding this market, the HPSFA moves forward as a vital force in the Pacific Rim.

Mazie Hirono wearing purple orchid lei. Opened Hawaii to the World In , our alliance took on a new name and look as it grew in numbers rapidly and became the authority on steel framing in the Pacific region. Hawaii has long been a dream destination for travelers and also for builders and researchers who come from around the world seeking to learn the advantages and popularity of steel framing. Several U.

The rapid change in technology requires lifelong learning and retraining. To realize this, the HPSFA has conducted several valuable training program geared at helping contractors frame with steel and also building officials who inspect houses framed with steel. The HPSFA consistently aims at encouraging the adoption of standardized building codes that will ensure that the reconstruction will be done according to modern construction standards using higher quality, more durable framing materials.

Presently the HPSFA has become a model alliance for the country as the industry strives to continually develop regional efforts to further develop residential and commercial steel framing nationwide.

We are proud to have led efforts that developed programs, provided training, promoted networking opportunities and published information that helped realize the many advantages in the use of steel for construction. It is with certainty that we will again look back at these accomplishments as we handle the challenges and changes we will face in the next years.

We hope. A highlight of the annual PACRIM conference is a jobsite tour of a residential development that utilizes steel framing. The HPSFA has hosted five international conferences where hundreds of individuals from around the world experienced some quality seminars, jobsite tours, networking, expositions and fellowship. Several members picked up valuable leads from the exposure they got at the conferences. In every event, PACRIM attendees told us that they come to the conference to learn about the advancements in steel framing technology and to grow professionally.

The steel industry is no longer a laborintensive unskilled environment. Steel production today requires a skilled and.



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