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Term What is AR Definition Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. Term What does AR refer to? Definition Supply Policy Below the Wholesale. Definition Policies and Procedures for property accountability. Term what are the main objectives of AR issue and sale of personal clothing. Definition 1 prescribe policities, procedures, and responsibilities for the issue and sale of personal clothing to members of army activities and DA civilians 2 describes systems for the maintenance, replacement, and disposition of clothing 3 designed for enlisted, but may apply to officers and warrant officers.

Definition 1 Prescribes supply policy for operations below the wholesale value 2 Provides specific policy for the accountability and assignment of responsibility for property issued a using unit, and for the accountability and management of stocks stored as direct, general, or installation supply support activities for issue to a customer.

Definition provides unit and organizational manual supply procedures for requesting, receiving, accounting for, issuing, and turn-in of supplies and equipment. Definition provides the manual procedures to manage and operate a uniform supply system for support units below the wholesale level. Definition 1 Prescribes basic policies and procedures to account for property 2 Prescribes procedures to be used when property is lost, damaged, or destroyed 3 Provides authorized methods to obtain relief from property responsibility 4 Defines the Command Supply Discipline Program.

Term What are the two types of Army Units? Term How are TOE units defined? Definition These are units that are doctrinal defined operational Army Field Units.

Term How are TDA units defined? Term What are the 10 classes of supply? Definition 1-subsistence to include water and ice 2-clothing and equipment 3-petroleum, oil and lubricants 4-construction equipment 5-ammo of all kinds 6-personal hygiene items.

Term Describe the two types of supply systems. Definition 1 Wholesale: the wholesale Army supply system purchases supplies from commercial sources or from government plants. The wholesale system consists of national inventory control points, depots, terminals, arsenals, and government plants, which exist mainly in the continental US.

The retail system consists of supply units and installation supply activities. Term Accountability. Definition it is the obligation of a person to keep records of property, documents, or funds. Term Responsibility. Definition it is the obligation of an individual to ensure government property and funds entrusted to his or her possession, command, or supervision are properly used and cared for, and that proper custody, safekeeping, and disposition are provided.

Term 5 types of responsibility. Term Command Responsibility. Term What are the two types of property? Definition 1 Real 2 Personal.

Term what is real property? Definition Real property consists of lands and improvements to land, buildings, and structures, including improvements and additions, and utilities.

It includes equipment affixed and built into the facility as an integral part of the facility such as heating systems. Term what is personal property? Definition any government property no considered real property. Term What are the 3 accounting requirement codes of personal property?? Definition 1 Non-expendable N : property that is no consumed in use and retains its original identity during its period of use 2 expendable x : property that is consumed in use or loses its identity in use 3 durable D : property not consumed in use, does not require property book accountability, but because of its unique characteristics requires control when issued to user.

Term What are the 4 types of Army Authorization Documents? Term Which accounting requirement code refers to items that are not consumed in use but because of unique characteristics require control. Definition Durable. Term How does property flow from Big Army to the user? Term What is accountability? Definition It is the obligation to keep records of property, documents, or funds.

Term What is responsibility? Definition It is the obligation of an individual to ensure that government property funds entrusted to his or her possession, command, or supervision are properly used and cared for and that proper custody and safekeeping are provided. Term what are the 4 types of responsibility? Definition command, supervisory, direct, personal, custodial.

Definition responsible for all property within their command. Term Supervisory Responsibility. Definition Responsibility for all property in the possession of personnel under their supervision. Term Personal. Definition responsibility for property in their possession clerk, or warehouse person responsible for property in storage awaiting issue or turn-in.

Term Custodial responsibility. Definition supply sergeant su. Term DA Form Definition Used to assign responsibility for property that is issued to the same person for brief recurring periods. When individually assigned weapons are issued for periods less than 24 hours, only the DA Form is required.

Definition Up to 30 days. Can be used as a temporary hand receipt, permanent hand receipt, lateral transfer, turn-in document, and issue document.

Definition longer than 30 days. Definition command, supervisory, personal, direct. Term what form is used to assign responsibility for property issued to the same person for brief recurrent periods?

Definition DA form Term who is the only person to have custodial responsibility in a unit? Definition Supply SGT. Term Negligence. Definition an act or omission that a reasonable and prudent person would not commit under similar circumstances.

Term Willful Misconduct. Definition Is an intentionally wrongful or unlawful act or omission relating to government property, to include misappropriation of Government property. Term Proximate Cause. Definition The cause which, in a natural and continuous sequence, unbroken by a new cause, produces loss, damage, or destruction, and without which, the loss, damage, or destruction would not have occured.

Definition Documents the circumstances concerning the loss, damage, or destruction of government property. Definition 1 Persona admits liability, and amoun tis more than 1 month's base pay 2 Person does not admit negligence or liability 3 Loss discovered during an inventory and individual does not make voluntary reimbursement to the government. Negligence is suspected but no one admits liability. Term Which relief of responsibility allows the soldier to admit liability and pay for it with cash?

Term Which relief of responsibility requires an investigation and findings which could cause a soldier to lose up to one month's base pay?


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