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Sort by most recent most useful. Need a cheap, rackmountable compressor with 4 channels? Then you've come to the right place. The MDX has the standard settings found on a compressor: set the input, the ratio, output, and limiter and whether each channel is going to compress, gate, or expand.

There are two settings for the speed of the dynamics processing, which can not be manually set, as well a setting for limiting interference from the bass frequencies in triggering the processing. There is also an "exciter" setting for each channel. Each channel can be used independently, or channels 2 and 4 can be daisy-chained with the previous channel for stereo processing.

Once you start to dial in pretty harsh ratios, things can get a little funky and jumpy due to the lack of being unable to manually dial in a speed for the processing. That being said, so long as you aren't trying to overcompress, things will usually turn out OK, as the unit is relatively quiet and does a decent job -- just don't expect it to work miracles and you'll be satisfied.

It's not really a transparent compressor. I have two of these units in my studio, but they'll be replaced with far superior and far more expensive dbx compressors soon.

Because these aren't very transparent, and during tracking it's easy to miss some of the small details, I would avoid using this compressor while recording and save it only for mix-down.

You don't want to get caught up in a situation where this compressor did too much, or dialed in too late, and screwed up your recording. Did you find this review helpful? What are the effects or types of effects available? This is a compressor 4 votes What is the connection?

His two parameters removed, perfect for beginners! Editing sounds and effects is it easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? Which instruments do you use? BACK him in bacon, riding the gain in my daw so that this alarm. I do not know of his or vien probably a system standby or clowning like that I think the quick change for two compressors. Everything is already said! Yes, no problem. Yes and really effective. Not very clear. It is in testing we see all the optimum settings after DSE.

Enormously effective without destroying the sound. Everything is good. Rendering literally transforming the instrument. Especially the dynamics. A very good investment very affordable as I do it again without problem. Well then I, compression, even though I got it broadly, I am very far from an expert. My opinion is just one of a kind which, in song: - Was tired of direct feedback due to a too high volume because we did not hear him when he sang pretty low volume - Was tired, conversely, the crests of farting when he drove a good face This is where the miracle of dynamic compression, a pretty good idea in theory but is rather difficult to handle Well no!

With this compressor, there is rather easy. Well since my song is compressed, it dismantled: the volume of my voice is much more homogeneous, it happens to cover the rest of the music no problem whatever the intensity of my voice Therefore relatively simple child.

The meters are of great help to set the camera. But to begin in the compression is exactly what you need, not too many adjustments, or not enough Also important: compressing your signal, you significantly reduce the chances of feedback Features detailed below in the notice.

Four-channel compressor. See further notice. It is important to note that there is no built-in preamp and it can therefore be used in insert if you connect a microphone directly into it, the signal is too low. I bought almost all versions of Multicom compressor gradually emerged as the Behringer.

I am the 3rd generations. Usage: compress four sound channels in diffrent live. Gnralement vote. Multicom Advantage: trs great compactness 4 compressors in a single unit high. Each Next-Generation has brought new features while keeping the same format.

Each time a new potentiomtre and one or more keys appeared. Now I do not see any new feature Behringer can make the next time the device was so advanced and t the front is full.

Simple and effective: the microphone of the snaps that do prsentateur when it comes in and closes automatically when s'arrte talking. Opening time instant phasing and silent. It's simple, effective and sufficient. Compressor with adjustable threshold, the percentage of compression and output level. I use the key that systmatiqueent Reduces the bass sound in the control circuit.

Compression is more natural. I also use the button that goes back systmatiquement the acute high compression ratio, which can compress quite strongly effects without teachers.

The time of action are well rgls gnral for use. The effects of compression nfastes disagree as long as one does not compress too much 6 10 dB. Above, the sound is fine but lacks a bit of momentum I got. I also use the button systmatiquement KNEE makes the compression more progressive.

Instantaneous peak limiter. The only command available is the threshold dclenchement. Simple and effective. This bar has its dernire Premire LED that lights up for 1 dB compression insensitive , the next to 2 dB, then the cart increases.

It follows the peaks and troughs of dynamics for some who are close or too s'loignent the microphone. Other rgler do not know the level of their voices and whisper tantt tantt shout. I therefore use the quad compressor to compress the voice least four of my wisdom mix. It happens as often to compress the live recording and in this case with two compressors are key synchroniss Stro, while two other compressors limit remaining two votes less wise.

In addition, the harsh chosen by Behringer and automation make the operation completely transparent, which is not the case for all devices o rgler can not empty well and rgler ncessitent who edits throughout the show. The automatic is a good thing. But the last assurment MODEL is much more powerful than its prdcesseurs and finally trs not complicated to use: once you have configured the buttons and it has been r gl there are not many other actions to do except adjust the compression threshold depending on the level desired.

As against the manual is enough for those who pnible beginners with the MODEL: it covers all the range of compressors and Behringer Describes many functions that are not Submitted on this unit. For me who was lucky enough to have read the manual versions antrieures dcrivaient that only the product sold, I did not need much explanation to use this new version amliore. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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