Jason, 12 Oct Well when I bought this phone, I found it complicated to use for the first two days. Now havin I have this phone for over 3 months now and have used the HTC S before that. I have to say that this is a great device; well done BenQ!! It has everything that you caaould possibley need in a windows mobile powered device. It is a brilliant design and probably one of the smallest and lightest on th emarket.

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BenQ-Siemens E72 Technical specifications. Main display: TFT 64k colors x px 2. The widespread use of the GSM standard has made it easy for most mobile phone users to use their phones overseas thanks to roaming agreements between operators using the same GSM standard.

The first GSM network went live in in Finland. GSM introduced the concept of the SIM card Subscriber Identity Module card - a detachable smart card that lets users swap their phone number and contacts between handset. This media may include up to forty seconds of video, audio, one image, or a slideshow of multiple images. Bluetooth is a low-power wireless networking technology operating in the 2. There are two classes of Bluetooth device — Class 1 devices have higher output power and a range of about meters, and Class 2 devices have lower power and a range of about 10 meters.

Bluetooth enables ad hoc networking of up to eight devices supporting voice and data. The Bluetooth v. Bluetooth Version 2. It also reduced power consumption, doubling the battery life of headsets and other mobile devices for which the Bluetooth radio consumes a large percentage of the power budget. Version 3. GPRS is known as a 2. One of the early advantages of GPRS is that it s always on so no connection handshake is needed.

It is still very popular, especially in the developing world. This is a 2. It provides short-range wireless high-speed data connections between mobile data devices such as laptops, PDAs or phones and nearby Wi-Fi access points special hardware connected to a wired network. The older variant of Wi-Fi, The more recent standard is called It can be used in the 2. USB is quickly replacing the need for serial and parallel ports to interface devices.

There are no reviews for this product. Your Name. RSS Reader:. IrDA :. HSCSD :. HSDPA :.


Benq E72 User Manual

Not just smart, but stylishly designed Incredibly thin at a little over 1cm front-to-back, the E72 puts all the functionality of an advanced smartphone in an amazingly compact device whose looks don't stint on style. With design touches like indicator lights that gently pulse beneath a mirrored surface and a striking colored band that provides easy access to key functions, this is a smartphone whose looks are as smart as the technology gracefully wrapped inside. You can also take advantage of handy e-mail features, such as the ability to easily record and send audio, as well as push mail, which automatically downloads and alerts you to new e-mail messages. Best of all, all these communications options, plus free VoIP calls, are available over the E72's high-speed WiFi connections. Internet on hand With the E72, you can access a full range of online information right on your phone.


BenQ E72 review, specifications, manual and drivers



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BenQ E72 Mobile Phone


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