Account Options Entrar. Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Whole Bible Contained in 6 volumes, consisting of nearly 1, pages each, it was considered the most comprehensive commentary on the Bible ever prepared by one man. Adam Clarke's monumental commentary on the Bible has been a standard reference work for over a century and has been widely used by men of all evangelical denominations. Its thorough and authoritative scholarship has been recognized by Arminians and Calvinists alike, and has won for the author the accolade, "Prince of Commentators.

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The second book in C. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. This famous story of man's progress through life in search of salvation remains one of the most entertaining allegories of faith ever written.

Set against realistic backdrops of town and country, the … More. Shelve The Pilgrim's Progress. Perelandra The Space Trilogy, 2 by C. P… More. Shelve Perelandra The Space Trilogy, 2. The third novel in the science-fiction trilogy by C. This final story is set on Earth, and tells of a terrifying conspiracy against humanity. The story surrounds Mark and Jane Studdock, a newl… More. In the first novel of C. Lewis's classic science fiction trilogy, Dr Ransom, a Cambridge academic, is abducted and taken on a spaceship to the red planet of Malacandra, which he knows as Mars.

His c… More. Mere Christianity by C. Mere Christianity is C. Lewis's forceful and accessible doctrine of Christian belief. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then published as three separate books - The Case for Christianity,… More. Shelve Mere Christianity. Vagabond, Volume 1 by Takehiko Inoue. Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword-saint, Miyamoto Musashi--perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time.

For now, Takezo is a cold-hearted killer, who will take on anyone in mo… More. Shelve Vagabond, Volume 1. Thousand Cranes by Yasunari Kawabata. An alternate cover of this ISBN can be found here. Shelve Thousand Cranes. Shelve The Imitation of Christ. Peace Child tells their unforgettable story of living among these headhunters and cannibals… More. The bestselling book that asks what dogs know and how they think. The answers will surprise and delight you as Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist, explains how dogs perceive their daily worlds,… More.

Doll Bones by Holly Black. Zach, Poppy and Alice have been friends for ever. They love playing with their action figure toys, imagining a magical world of adventure and heroism. Shelve Doll Bones. Shelve O Vale do Terror. Retired from his fighting days, John Perry is now village ombudsman for a human colony on distant Huckleberry.

From 1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes the debut of a dazzling new fantasy series. A Quest for Heroes revolves around the epic coming of age story of one special boy, a 14 year old from a small … More. Back … More. After he escap… More. An epic battle occurs, as two titans face each other, and as Raf… More. As he and his friends meet unexpected tragedy and lose a member of the… More. What Is Faith? Crucial Questions, 8 by R. The word faith is heard often these days, but it is given many different meanings.

Sometimes it is used in the sense of trust. Other times, it has more to do with hope. Perhaps most often, it is used … More. Shelve What Is Faith? Crucial Questions, 8. Shelve Angus: As Cruzadas.

Prayer by John Bunyan. Two works on prayer are here brought together. In Praying in the Spirit Bunyan defines what it means to pray with the spirit and with the understanding, and deals with difficulties in prayer.

In The T… More. Shelve Prayer.


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