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Area de. R2PS Panduit Rack de 7 pies. Fibra Optica Multimodo 12 hilos OM3. Solicitud de. Fecha solicitud:. Solicitada por:. Raul Novo de la Cueva. Restricciones y Notas:. Aprobado por:. Faceplates shall be available in 1, 2, 4, and 6-port single gang and port double gang with label and label cover for easy identification. Executive Series faceplates shall have a raised profile for an aesthetic appearance. Mounting options:. Screw holes with retention tabs, spaced for single and double gang openings; compatible with Panduit wall board adapters.

Includes built-in label pocket for easy identification. Various port densities. Provides design flexibility. Slotted screw holes. Allows faceplate to be adjusted to ensure proper alignment. Faceplates can also be mounted to wallboard adapters and raceway mounting brackets.

When using executive series faceplates with Panduit surface raceway, color matching is guaranteed. Labeling of executive series. If labels are not needed, matching screw covers can be used to conceal the screws and will mount flush with the faceplate for a clean look.

Dimensions are in inches Dimensions in parentheses are metric. Markham, Ontario. London, UK. Republic of Singapore. Tokyo, Japan. Guadalajara, Mexico. Phone: Victoria, Australia cs-aus panduit. For a copy of Panduit product warranties, log on to www.

For more information. Visit us at www. Contact Customer Service by email: cs panduit. Faceplate frames shall be available in single and double gang versions and shall accept a variety of inserts. Executive design faceplate frames shall have a curved appearance and include labels and label covers.

Classic design faceplate frames shall have a flush appearance and include color matched mounting screws. Inserts shall be available in sloped, sloped shuttered, and flat versions, and accept all modules for increased design flexibility. Modules shall be accessible from the front for easy moves, adds, and changes.

Executive series faceplate frames include two labels, two label covers; all faceplate frames include 1" long slotted pan head screws with non-threaded lead point. Front access. Sloped versions. Provide additional bend radius control to protect cable. Shuttered versions. The combination of faceplate frames and inserts provide the design flexibility when installing connectivity in single or double gang junction boxes, wallboard adapters, and raceway mounting brackets. A variety of inserts enable front access to connectivity.

Sloped inserts are ideal for installations which require additional bend radius control and blank inserts allow for future growth. Dimensions are in inches [Dimensions in brackets are metric]. For more information Visit us at www. Part Number. Part Description. Module supplied with 75 ohm industry standard BNC coupler.

Module supplied with 50 ohm industry standard BNC coupler. Twinax cable recommended. HDMI 1. USB 2. Order number of pieces required, in multiples of Standard Package Quantity. Prime items appear in BOLD. UTP jack modules shall use a forward motion termination method to optimize performance by maintaining cable pair geometry while eliminating conductor untwist.

The termination cap shall be color-coded white to designate Category 6 performance and shall include a universal label coded for TA and TB wiring schemes. FCC and. ANSI compliance:. IEC compliance:. RoHS compliance:. PoE compliance:. Rated for cycles with IEEE UL rated:. Wire cap compatible with 22 — 26 AWG solid or stranded cable with conductor insulation diameters of 0.

Confidence that each jack module will deliver the critical electrical performance requirements. Utilizes enhanced. Optimizes performance by eliminating conductor untwist and reduces installation time and expense.

Individually serialized. Marked with quality control number for future traceability. RJ45 interface. Industry standard interface provides a quick and easy plug and play connection to RJ45 patch cords; backwards compatible. Can be clearly identified with optional labels and icons for port identification. Angle termination. Side opening allows cable to be terminated to the right or left side of the jack module; ideal for installations that have minimal depth that may not allow standard bend radius practices to be accommodated.

Termination tools. EGJT termination tool ensures conductors are fully terminated by utilizing a smooth forward motion without impact on critical internal components for maximum reliability; TGJT termination tool ideal for high volume installations.

Block out device optional. Provides a simple and secure method to control access to data ports while not in use. Shuttered version. Integrated spring shuttered door keeps out dust and debris of unmated.

RJ45 jack modules automatically. This end-to-end system is interoperable and backwards compatible, providing design flexibility to protect network investments well into the future.

Mechanical Test. Test Method. Typical Test Results. Normal Force. Load grams. IEC d. Circuit Resistance mOhms.

IEC c. Contact Disturbance microseconds. IEC a. IEC b. Mating Force N. Un-mating Force N.


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