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It was bordered by the Anauroch desert to the east, the High Forest to the south, the Savage Frontier to the west and the Spine of the World mountain range to the north. It also shared a border with the kingdom of Many-Arrows. The League of Silver Marches began in the late 14 th century DR as a confederation of city-states, united to defend themselves from a common threat. Due to its bounty of natural resources, and the open-trade mindset of its confederated cities and towns, the Silver Marches were rich with opportunities to find wealth and fortune.

Its rivers, forests, and mountains supported the livelihoods of many fishermen, furriers, lumberers and miners. Merchants plied their goods between the various cities of the marches, by wagon or barge, and further out to destinations beyond. Various common and uncommon currencies were accepted in the cities of the Marches, though less so in the smaller towns.

Due to the many perils and hostile forces that made home in the North, the Silver Marches' first line of defense often came in the form if information. Many small groups of city-sponsored scouts, bands of rangers , adventuring companies , independent cells of Harpers , and others scouted the stretches of Wilderness that often presented threats to the civilized lands. Many of the smaller towns maintained their own local patrols, comprised of militiamen and other volunteer defenders.

While each of the cities maintained their own armed forces, such as the Knights in Silver of Silverymoon and the Army of the Vale in Everlund , [22] the combined armies of the marches banded together for quite some time, forming the collective Argent Legion. The years through DR were particularly turbulent for the city-states of the North.

Troll attacks, orc hordes, [24] an combined army of demons and barbarians as well as a particularly harsh winter spurred the leaders of those cities to convene a council.

After many heated arguments were calmed by Alustriel's diplomatic skills, it was decided that the cities would band together and form a confederation under Alustriel's leadership.

Alustriel declared, at the suggestion of Old Night , that the nation would be known as "Luruar" in honor of the goddess Lurue , sometime between the winter and midsummer of DR. She rejected the suggestions of "New Delzoun", in honor of the fallen dwarf kingdom, and "Alustryr", in honor of herself.

Though the three cities remained allies of Luruar, they no longer considered themselves members of the confederation, nor could they be relied upon to answer calls for help. In the Year of the Awakened Sleepers, DR , the Darkening was cast over the region in preparation for the drow and orc invasion. The spell was finally overcome by a band of adventurers, during the battle of Eryndlyn. As a result, all of the dwarven states left the League of Silver Marches, and without their support, Luruar collapsed.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the region. For the sourcebook, see Silver Marches sourcebook. Contents [ show ]. The Silver Marches. Sneak Peak. Wizards of the Coast. Retrieved on Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition. Wizards of the Coast , p. Silver Marches.

Storm King's Thunder. Edited by Kim Mohan , Michele Carter. The Grand History of the Realms. Night of the Hunter. Wizards of the Coast , pp. War of Everlasting Darkness. Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. The Thousand Orcs. Designed by Brent Knowles , Rick Ernst. Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide. Categories :. Cancel Save. This section is a stub. You can help us by expanding it.


Silver Marches (sourcebook)



Silver Marches


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