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Click here to learn What's New at our website. Page views in 7, Cite this page: Hamodat M. Stasis dermatitis. Accessed June 5th, Due to chronic venous stasis, usually on lower extremities May have secondary infection and ulcers. Clinical features. In the early stages, there is edema of the lower one-third of the legs, which have a shiny and erythematous appearance Subsequently, dry and scaly or crusted and weeping areas may develop Sometimes the changes are most prominent above the medial malleoli.

Clinical images. Microscopic histologic description. Characterstic lobular pattern of superficial and deep dermal neovascularization with dermal fibrosis, perivascular lymphocytic infiltrates, histiocytes and variable number of plasma cells, extravasated erythrocytes and hemosiderin laden macrophages Hyperplasia of endothelial cells Variable acanthosis and hyperkeratosis. Additional references. Home About Us Advertise Amazon. Telephone: ; Email: CommentsPathout gmail.

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Especialista em Terapia Nutricional Enteral e Parenteral. Belo Horizonte, Brasil. This is a review of publications on venous ulcers. Considering the high incidence and prevalence of venous ulcers as well their interference in patients' lives and the different ways of treatment, this study proposes a modernization of guidelines on treating venous ulcers. The results showed that although the research has advanced, there still persists doubt as to which is the best venous ulcers treatment: Should the occlusive covering and compressive therapy be used together or not? The study concludes that the main guidelines to ulcers treatment should be based on four conducts: The static venous treatment, based on therapy and compress therapy; topical therapy, choosing the best local covering to keep the wounds humid and clean in order to absorb the exudation; infection control by using systemic antibiotic therapy and prevention of relapse.


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