Basic calibration Chap. Reset instrument V9H5 Input: 2. Length unit V8H2 Input: 0: m 1: ft 3. After Basic calibration: Linearization Chap. Basic calibration.

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Basic calibration Chap. Reset instrument V9H5 Input: 2. Length unit V8H2 Input: 0: m 1: ft 3. After Basic calibration: Linearization Chap. Basic calibration. Current output. Additional parameters. The compact transmitters Prosonic T FMU have been designed to operate safely in accordance with current technical and safety standards and must be installed by qualified personnel according to the instructions in this manual.

The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any damage arising from incorrect use, insatallation or operation of the equipment. Changes or modifications to the equipment not expressly approved in the operating instructions or by the bodies responsible for compliance may make the users authority to use the equipment null and void. Damaged instruments which may be a safety hazard must not be operated and are to be marked as defective.

Use in hazardous areas. When used in explosion hazardous areas, the equipment must be installed in accordance with local regulations as well as with technical and safety requirements on the measuring point as specified in the accompanying certificates. Installation, electrical connection, commissioning, operation and maintenance may only be carried out by trained and authorized personnel. The personnel must read and understand these operating instructions before carrying them out.

The instruments may only be operated by trained personnel authorized by the plant operator. The instructions given in this manual are to be followed exactly. In this operating instructions, safety-relevant information is indicated by the following symbols: Symbol. Equipotential terminal A connection which must be connected to the grounding system of the equipment: this can, for example, be a potential matching line of a star-shaped grounding system, depending on national or company code of practice.

Alternating current A terminal at which sinusoidal alternating voltage is applied or through which AC flows. Ground connection A grounded terminal, which, from the user's point of view, is already grounded by a grounding system. Protective earth connection A terminal which must be grounded before other connections may be made. FMU with Display D [mm] max. L [mm] 80 Level echos from the blocking distance BD cannot be evaluated due to the transient characteristics of the sensor.

Install the Prosonic T at a height so that the blocking distance BD is not undershot, even at maximum fill level. Use a pipe nozzle if you cannot maintain the blocking distance in any other way. The interior of the nozzle must be smooth and may not contain any edges or welded joints. In particular, there should be no burr on the inside of the tank side nozzle end. Note the specified limits for nozzle diameter and length. Do not install the sensor in the middle of the tank 3.

Use a protective cover page 18 , in order to protect the device from direct sun or rain 2. Avoid measurements through the filling curtain 4. Make sure that equipment 5 such as limit switches, temperature sensors, etc. In particular, symmetrical equipment 6 such as heating coils, baffles etc. Align the sensor so that it is vertical to the product surface. Never install two ultrasonic measuring devices in a tank. Make use of the echo quality display page 14 to find the best installation position.

Screw the Prosonic T at the screw-in piece using an 60 AF spanner. In order to facilitate the wiring the housing is rotatable after installation. Wiring 1. Open the housing cover. Insert cable through gland, make connection according to the figure. Tighten cable gland. Use screened two-core instrumentation cable. For optimal protection against electromagnetic interference, the screen should be grounded in the control room or the nearest earthing point. A good connection to ground is essential to good screening.

When the display module is used, the Prosonic T is operated via an operating matrix. The current matrix position and the associated parameter e. The bargraph represents the measured value or the echo quality, depending on the matrix position. The basic functions for simple applications empty and full calibration, locking and unlocking are accesible without the display module.

When operated without the display module, the empty- and full-distance are detected by the instrument itself and have to be confirmed by a key combination. Methods of calibration. A reset causes most of the instrument settings to return to the factory settings. After calibration the Prosonic T outputs a current according to the measured value.

Each matrix field represents an operating parameter. The matrix can be accessed via the keys. The meaning of the matrix fields is summarised on page Key operation with plugged-in display. Increases the vertical matrix position by 1. Increases the horizontal matrix position by 1. Resets the display to V0H0 measured value. Entering parameters.

Increases or decreases the flashing digit. To enter large parameter changes hold the key pressed. When the decimal is exceeded for the first or second time , the digit retains the value 0 and the next digit begins to change. If you release the key, the smallest digit can be edited again. Resets the parameter to its original value, if it has not yet been confirmed. Confirming the entry. Confirms the entry and selects the next matrix position horizontally.

Confirms the entry and resets the display to V0H0. Enter "" into the matrix position V9H5. This sets all matrix positions back to the factory settings. Only the linearisation parameters V2H V2H3 and the length unit V8H2 retain their current values. Change the unit only immediately after a reset. If you change the length unit at a later point, all subsequent entries have to be repeated in the new unit.

Use the units, which have been selected in V8H2. Application Liquid Liquid with rapid level change Liquid in vessels with dome ceiling Coarse bulk solids Conveyor belt. Check, if the displayed values match the actual level.

If the displayed distance D V0H8 is too small: Perform an interference echo suppression page If al false level is displayed: Adjust empty distance and span. Current output V9H8. After the basic calibration the Prosonic T outputs the level in the form of a current signal.

The current value mA is displayed in matrix position V9H8. After the basic calibration, the measured value is displayed in V0H0 as a percentage of the span. The value can be converted into any other unit by the linearization function.

Four different modes of linearization can be selcted in V2H0. Use this mode, if you want to display the level in the length unit, which has been selected in V8H2 m or ft. You can enter up to 11 value pairs into the linearization table. The table must be monotonically increasing. The vessel is emptied in steps. At each step, the Prosonic T automatically registers the level. The associated volume or weight must be entered manually. The linearization for a cylindrical horizontal tank is performed in the following way: 1.

Determine the diameter D and the total volume Vtot of the tank. Multiply this value by the factors given in the table below. Enter these values into the instrument as described above Linearization mode "manual". As long as a linearization table is being entered, the current output indicates an error message.


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