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How does he rediscover his manly essence after years of being forced to attend poetry readings, string quartet recitals, and pasta making courses? There is only one way: drink, play, and f k. In Drink, Play, F k , Bob Sullivan, jilted husband, sets off to explore the world, have a few laughs, and kill a few brain cells. From his home in New York City, he goes on a bender across Ireland, pumps the action in Las Vegas, and basks in physical pleasures in Thailand.

And what sensate creature could ever doubt that the greatest pleasure known to man can be found in a tropical hut on a secret beach at the end of an unnamed jungle road?

Sullivan has a lot to teach us about life. Gottlieb [has a] knack for one-liners. His journey takes him and us to Ireland to get smashed, to Vegas to throw dice and to Thailand to. Drink, Play, F k sounds like a laugh riot. There are many reasons why this would be a terrible idea. Giovanna is an exchange student from Milan studying marketing in Dublin.

So Giovanna is almost twenty years younger than I am. She is engaged to a guy named Teodoro back in Italy. She is sweet, and innocent, and deeply religious. In no other spot that I have come across on my travels has drinking to excess been accepted to such a degree as normal, everyday behavior. But one day I had a stopover in the Houston airport and I saw a bunch of people wearing cowboy hats for real in a totally non-ironic fashion.

But these sauceheads love everything that even tangentially has anything to do with alcohol. So they have been calling the cultural center of their capital city Temple Bar for four hundred years. The poets could dash down their rhymes and romances in shaky letters on cocktail napkins in between pints. These people really drink, is my point.

Black Cat. Excerpt 1 I wish Giovanna would kiss me. Ireland is an amazing country. Newsletters, offers and promotions delivered straight to your inbox. Related Books. March Serve the People! September Nein. A Manifesto by Eric Jarosinski. An Independent Literary Publisher Since


Drink, Play, [email protected]#k: One Man's Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand

Not as sophomoric nor prurient as expected, but then around Chapter 31 or so there are as many chapters as there are numerals on a roulette wheel the plot jumps the shark. I mean it almost literally jumps the shark. I never read Eat, Pray and Love so perhaps I've missed a great deal here. Not as funny as I hoped.


The Exchange: Andrew Gottlieb

Why did you write this book? How much of it is parody and how much is a greater statement on what Gilbert was writing about? But, as I began outlining and writing, I realized that a straight parody would bore me and, presumably, the readers pretty quickly. I also realized that, while my book is basically just a humorous goof, I also had something to say about the differences and the similarities between the way men and women approach problems.

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