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Recibe novedades de T. BOYLE directamente en tu email. Biografia del autor. Novedades del autor. Del al 44 de Ordenar por. Doch dann bricht ein Unwetter aus, und nur Beverly kommt knapp mit dem Leben davon. Etwa funfzig Jahre spater kampft ihre Enkelin Alma, eine Umweltschutzerin, fur die Wiederherstellung des okologischen Gleichgewichts dieser Inseln. Sie sind von Ratten verseucht, von Wildschweinen uberlaufen, von fremden Adlern heimgesucht.

Wer hat recht? Soll man die Rettung eines Okosystems verfolgen oder Toten um jeden Preis verhindern? Trained in the way of the Samurai, dreaming of the City of Brotherly Love, Hiro Tanaka impetuously jumps ship off the coast of Georgia - only to wash up on a barrier island populated by rednecks, descendants of black slaves, and a colony of crazed artists.

Terrifying one islander - literally - to death, and fleeing not only from the Immigration Agents but also an elderly lady convinced he is Seiji Ozawa, Tanaka is unwittingly caught up in a hilarious and irretievably complicated spider's web of misunderstandings. His sole refuge on the island, the manipulative and ambiguous novelist Ruth Dershowitz, only draws him in ever deeper "Hilarious.

A talented entertainer with a beady eye for the absurdities of culture shock. Boyles account of the life of Frank Lloyd Wright, as told through the voices of the four women who loved him, is a masterful ode to the creative life in all its complexity and grandeur.

The title novella in Boyles's ninth collection is as good as anything the prolific author of The Women has written. Basing his story on the historical Victor of Aveyron, the feral child discovered in the wilds of France in and slowly brought to heel indoors under the patient but understandably frustrated doctor Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard, Boyle interrogates history with an experienced reader's wariness of sentimental revisionism and a great writer's attention to precisely what defines the child's wildness.

The 13 other stories are a grab bag of Boyles's signature modes and are, therefore, mixed. There's Question 62, a by-the-numbers suburban comedy concerning an escaped tiger; La Concita, a dutiful requiem for baby boomer ordinary guyism; and Sin Dolor, a bona fide Borgesian legend about a child whose inability to feel pain fails to protect him from more subtle wounds.

Stronger material is found in The Lie, about a man who lies about his newborn baby's death to get out of work, comprising one of the book's few surprises.

What's largely missing is experimentation, intimacy and deviation from a catalogue throughout which Boyle has proven himself doggedly reliable; one wonders when this wild child got housebroken. By then he was falling in love.

Now she is in a courtroom accused of assault with a deadly weapon, auto theft, and passing bad checks, among other things. And as they set out to find him, they begin to test to its very limits the life they have begun to build together.

Sie bleibt nicht lange allein Der Mensch macht dabei stets eine traurige Figur. A man falls from a roof whilst spying on his on his beautiful widowed neighbour. A newly married couple seeking enlightenment take a three year vow silence and move to a yurt in Arizona desert. A handsome young man works in real-estate by day, but has a far more sinister profession by night.

Giant men are kept in cages to ensure their nightly service to their country. A man develops an unhealthy interest in his recently deceased reclusive rock-star neighbour.

And on Christmas day at the San Francisco Zoo a terrible and tragic event occurs. These stories explore the mundane, the devastating, the figurative and the implausible in an enthralling collection. Sten Stenson, Vietnam veteran and retired school principal, and his wife, Carolee, are on a cruise in Costa Rica when their coach excursion is hijacked. Sten's military training overtakes him and within moments one of the attackers lies dead.

The rest flee and Sten finds himself hailed a hero by the tour group and everyone back home. Meanwhile, in the redwood forests north of San Francisco, Sara - a farrier who refuses to recognize the authority of the government - is arrested after failing to cooperate with police at a routine stop.

A chance meeting with twenty-five-year-old Adam, Sten and Carolee's unstable son, sparks a strange but passionate relationship fuelled by a mutual hatred of the law.

Adam, an angry and misunderstood outsider, perennially dressed in camouflage and with his head shaved to the bone, has an unhealthy obsession with nineteenth-century mountain man John Colter. As Adam's views and behaviour become steadily more extreme, he descends into a spiral of fanatical violence that is impossible for his family or Sara to halt.

The latest novel by internationally bestselling author T. Boyle, The Harder They Come is as timely as it is provocative. A deep and disturbing meditation on the roots of American gun violence, it explores the fine line between heroism and savagery, and just how far a parent can be held accountable for the actions of his child. Identitatsdiebstahl eine Verbrechensvariante, die Existenzen vernichten kann.

Dana Halter ist jung, schon und gehorlos und sie wird unversehens Opfer eines solchen Verbrechens. Eines Morgens wird sie verhaftet und wegen Delikten angeklagt, die sie nie begangen hat.

San Miguel ist eine kleine, karge Insel vor der kalifornischen Kuste. Herbie Lester, ein Kriegsveteran, und seine junge Frau Elise beschlieen in der stillen Abgeschiedenheit der Insel ihr Ehegluck zu leben.

Und abermals stellt San Miguel menschliche Beziehungen auf eine Zerreiprobe. How can you talk about being civil when innocent animals are being tortured to death? I'll be civil when the killing's done. Alma Boyd Takesue of the National Park Service is the spokesperson for a campaign to exterminate these man-introduced rodents once and for all.

Alma, highly self-disciplined with a stubborn streak, speaks as a conservationist, though the fact that her grandmother was once stranded on Anacapa for three weeks with nothing but thousands of crawling rats for company might explain some of her zeal. With days to go before the aerial rat-poisoning, Alma's plan is in danger of sabotage. Dave LaJoy and Anise Reed, a pair of notorious environmental activists, are recognisable from a distance by his knotted dreadlocks and her flame-red cyclone of hair.

Dave is an electronics salesman with barely-controlled rages, for whom the plight of the rats is yet another of life's many injustices, along with lazy tramps and second-rate wine. Anise is a struggling folk singer with her own, terrible reasons for getting involved in 'the cause'. From the outset, Alma, Dave and Anise are at ideological loggerheads.

But when Alma's sights turn to the infestation of non-native pigs on Santa Cruz - where Anise was brought up by her single mother and a clan of shepherds - the stakes are raised, and the debate threatens to boil over into something much more real When the Killing's Done is T.

Boyle's blistering new novel, a sweeping epic of family, ecology and the right to life - no matter what the fallout. A dark, riveting story of the life of one of America's most famous architects, Frank Lloyd Wright From the bestselling author of The Women comes an action- packed adventure about endangered animals and those who protect them. El relato de T. Linda is desperate to be one of the lucky eight chosen to take part in the world's most ambitious ecological experiment.

Gazing longingly at Ecosphere II, which rises like a spaceship from the Arizona desert, Linda knows she can survive under its glass dome. Competition is fierce between the hopefuls, among them smooth-talking PR man Ramsay, and Dawn, a naive beauty.

All are certain that they would never, ever, break closure before two years are up unlike their discredited predecessors. Inside this humid microcosm, the terranauts' labours over crops and livestock, their battles with creepy crawlies, their hostilities and sexual dalliances are all observed by the tourists who come to gawp, Mission Control's cameras and the watchful eye of the media.

As the crew struggles to control nature, and hunger sets in, the snake in this Eden starts to look unmistakably human. Inspired by real-life events, The Terranauts is a darkly comic, acutely insightful story of human behaviour, animal instincts, idealism and ambition. Placing utopian visions and individual motives under the microscope, this is T. Boyle at his acerbic, pitch-perfect best.

I'll be civil when the killing's done ' The island of Anacapa, off the coast of California, is overrun with black rats which are threatening the ancient population of ground-nesting birds This new collection of short stories from T. Boyle finds him at his mercurial best. Inventive, wickedly funny, sometimes disturbing, these are stories about drop-outs, deadbeats and kooks.

Take the man who shares his apartment with a wildcat won in a drunken bet; the drive-time shock jock hallucinating from sleep deprivation for a publicity stunt; the suburban woman who joins a pack of dogs, eating rabbits and baying at the moon. With a unique deftness of touch and a keen eye for the telling detail, Boyle has mapped the strange underworld of America.

Alfred C. At the age of ten, shy, vulnerable Fanny Price leaves behind her impoverished family in Portsmouth to go and live with her rich relatives at Mansfield Park. Growing up with her cousins Tom, Edmund, Maria and Julia, she is aware that she is different from them and that her place in society cannot be taken for granted, although she is not treated unkindly. A dashing couple from London, Mary Crawford and her brother Henry, enter this stable, rural world. They succeed in dazzling everyone ant Mansfield Park, except for Fanny, who sees through their shallow veneer.

Throughout the dramatic events that follow it is she who is able the bring back some stability to the ruptured lives of those around her. One of the great novels of the nineteenth century, Mansfield Park echoes Jane Austen's fears and awareness of the dawn of a modern age, which was to bring about a complete break from the old country traditions and way of life.

La musica acuatica es la placidez de los salones de la Inglaterra victoriana, pero tambien el rumor de un misterioso y desconocido rio en pleno corazon del Africa negra. Dos historias llenas de anacronismos y licencias hilarantes que mezclan las vidas paralelas de dos personajes que acabaran uniendo sus destinos en primera expedicion del hombre occidental a las fuentes del Niger. Una vez capturado, empezaria su peregrinacion por la Francia recien salida de la revolucion, recalando tanto en instituciones mentales como en refinados salones, donde constituiria poco menos que una atraccion de feria.

Stanley McCormick, un heredero multimillonario y esquizofrenico, vive confinado en su inmensa mansion de Riven Rock. Alli permanece alejado del mundo, y sobre todo, de las mujeres, a quienes ama con una pasion que asume las formas de un odio incontrolable y agresivo.

Diseccion satirica, y a la vez dramatica, de la sociedad norteamericana de principios de siglo. Tapa blanda 27 Otros formatos 7 Bolsillo 6 Tapa dura 4. Compra segura. Recibe nuestras novedades en libros en tu email. Casa del Libro , Apartado de Correos de Barcelona o remitiendo un email a protecciondedatos casadellibro.

Diagonal , Barcelona. Todos los derechos reservados.





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