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Luis Cifuentes-Seves 1. Tupper Santiago Doctor of Philosophy Ph. Diplom Chemiker Dipl. Application of protective coatings by arc-spraying and mathematical modelling of metallurgical processes, University of Nottingham, Great Britain Fluidized-bed electrodeposition and powder metallurgy, Sheffield-Hallam University, Great Britain Mathematical modelling of the physical chemistry of light sources. Kinetics and design of metallurgical processes for the production of Mo-Re-W alloys and oxides and for the separation of Mo, Re and W species in solution.

Thermodynamics and kinetics of metallurgical processes for the production and separation of Rhenium and its compounds. Design, thermodynamics and kinetics of new processes for the separation and production of Molybdenum compounds at lab-scale. Alternatives for the usage of ferric sulfate generated in new copper electrowinning cells. Design, thermodynamics and kinetics of a new copper electrowinning cell based on reactive electrodialysis.

Postdoctoral project - Experimental and theoretical study of the transport of As and Sb ions through electrodialytic membranes in acidic solutions. Determination of a methodology for the evaluation of electrodialysis as a method for separating, concentrating, recovering and producing chemical species from acidic solutions containing Cu, Fe, As and Sb.

Development of a center for advanced studies in hydro-electrometallurgy. Development of anodic materials for the electrolytic oxidacion of cyanide to cyanate. Cifuentes , A.

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Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil , Parte II: metal base acero inoxidable, Egatea U. Cifuentes, Shedding light on lamps, J. V, , TMS, Toronto, Grageda, J. Casas, T. Vargas, The effect of impurities on cell performance and on the quality of electrodeposits obtained at high current density in a copper electrowinning cell based on reactive electrodialysis, Proceedings of COPPER International Conference, GE Houlachi et al.

Glasner, G. Casas, Thermodynamics and kinetics of a copper electrowinning cell based on reactive electrodialysis, Procs. Conference, Nov. V, Cu electrorefining and electrowinning, J.


Morales - Electrometalurgia (ucn)

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