In the last 48 hours the patient had presented multiple vomiting and no oral food was tolerated. During the physical examination an abdominal cranial mass was palpated. Survey radiographs of the abdomen and contrast study with barium sulfate suspension showed an accumulation of a radiopaque material causing an intestinal obstruction pattern. During the surgical exploration, the foreign material was extracted from the jejunum using an enterotomy, but an intramural mass was detected occluding the lumen at this point. A complete bowel resection was performed in the intestinal loop affected by the tumor and an end-to-end anastomosis was performed.

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Celitomia por plastrotomia em jabuti-tinga Geochelone denticulata Published on Feb 1, in Pesquisa Veterinaria Brasileira 0. Marcelo Campos Rodrigues 1 Estimated H-index: 1.

Estimated H-index: 2. Find in Lib. Add to Collection. One herein reports a successful case of celiotomy by plastrotomy for removal of foreign bodies in yellow-footed tortoise Geochelone denticulata. The animal was treated at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal University of Piaui, with appetite loss, regurgitation, constipation, lethargy, reluctance to walk and slightly reddish ocular mucous membranes.

Radiographic examination was performed, confirming the presence of foreign bodies in the stomach. The tortoise underwent celiotomy by plastrotomy for the removal of the foreign bodies.

The opening of the plastron was performed through the abdominal shields, with the aid of a circular mini grinding saw. One performed an incision in the midline between the two abdominal veins to access the abdominal cavity. A gastrotomy for removal of the foreign bodies nails, toothpicks, stones, pieces of plastic, glass and crockery pieces was performed after the location of the stomach. The surgery was successful and confirmed with radiographic evaluation in the immediate postoperative period.

The celiotomy by plastrotomy for removal of foreign bodies in that animal proved to be a viable, very important and safe technique to the survival of chelonians. References 6 Citations 1 Cite. Surgical removal of stones in the stomach of a tiger shovelnose catfish. Read Later. After signing in, all features are FREE. References 6. A obstrucao intestinal ocorre em quelonios, principalmente em decorrencia de parasitismo e corpos estranhos, como pedras e areia.

O diagnostico definitivo foi realizado mediante exame radiografico simples, no qual se verificou grand Chelonians Turtles, Tortoises. Flanagan H-Index: 1. Helmick H-Index: 6. Avery Bennett H-Index: Patricia M. Dennis H-Index: Abstract A previously stranded kg female green turtle Chelonia mydas was referred to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of Florida following a 2-mo history of anorexia, intermittent regurgitation, decreased fecal production, and positive buoyancy of the right side.

Radiographs confirmed gaseous distension of bowel loops suggestive of intestinal obstruction. The usual surgical technique for accessing the coelomic cavity of chelonians through the horny shields and bone plates of plastron by using a Dremel machine plastron osteotomy is considered slow, traumatic, and very painful for the patient. In this paper a technique of coelioscopic-assisted prefemoral oophorectomy is described in red-eared slider. The time spent on accessing the coelomic cavity, removal of the follicles and ovaries, and anesthetic recovery was markedly decreased three hours l Syndromes and conditions of commonly kept tortoise and turtle species.

Rosskopf H-Index: 2. Shindo H-Index: 1. Turtle and tortoise species are commonly presented to veterinarians for diagnosis and treatment in exotic animal oriented practices. The conditions and syndromes are extremely variable, considering the diversity of the species encountered. The conditions and husbandry involved with water turtles is very different from what is encountered with land tortoises and turtles.

A thorough knowledge of the subject is therefore imperative. This article reviews the conditions most commonly encountered in w Biology, medicine, and surgery of South American wild animals. Fowler H-Index: Cubas H-Index: 1. Cited By 1. Gregory A. Abstract Two Eastern box turtles Terrapene carolina carolina presented within a few hours of traumatic gastric evisceration; one had been struck by a lawn mower and the other had sustained a crush injury by automobile.

In both cases, physical examination revealed severe carapacial fractures and a portion of the stomach exteriorized and entrapped by the carapacial fragments. Gastric perforation was identified and repaired in the turtle struck by lawn mower; the stomach of the second turtle was


Meaning of "enterotomia" in the Portuguese dictionary

Petrographic and geochemic evaluation of equine enteroliths. Am J Vet Res ; Obstructive enterolith in an month-old miniature horse. J Am Vet Med Assoc ;


Celitomia por plastrotomia em jabuti-tinga (Geochelone denticulata



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