It consists of the satirical poem The Grumbling Hive: or, Knaves turn'd Honest , which was first published anonymously in ; a prose discussion of the poem, called "Remarks"; and an essay, An Enquiry into the Origin of Moral Virtue. In a second edition was published with two new essays. In The Grumbling Hive , Mandeville describes a bee community that thrives until the bees decide to live by honesty and virtue. As they abandon their desire for personal gain, the economy of their hive collapses, and they go on to live simple, "virtuous" lives in a hollow tree. Mandeville's implication—that private vices create social benefits—caused a scandal when public attention turned to the work, especially after its edition.

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Fábula de las abejas de Bernard Mandeville



La Fábula de las abejas



Fabula De Las Abejas O Los Vicios Privados Hacen La Prosperidad Public


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