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School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. I am desperately looking for the Footloose Libretto, is it avalable anywhere online , where i could purchase it, or where I can just see it. By your title, I thought you were asking if Footloose had a script. VI MOORE Despite the loss of her son and the strained relationship with her husband, Vi fully understands what kind of unflagging good humor she must display in order to keep her household and her husbands congregation running smoothly.

Youth Arts Centre ix Almost Paradise is a tentative, steadily-building courtship in which private thoughts I thought that dreams belonged to other men; I feared my heart would beat in secrecy eventuallybecome shared intimacies I swear that Foorloose can see forever in your eyes. Are you out of your mind? You all know Ren McCormack. Ill turn in my skates. Im sure we all have places to be. McCormack, you wish to change the law because you want to throw a dance; that is your right.

SHAW Its a rare talent. BOYS Are you out of your mind? Their relationship is playful but respectful. VI Are you hungry? You dont listen to me any more than you listen to her! Ill see you here after school tomorrow. I wanna speak five languages and see the world. The rhythmic pulse continues under as the lights shift. Youth Arts Centre viii I Cant Stand Still is not a number about Ren dancing; what it is about is the beginning of an unlikely friendship between him and Willard. Well, darling, no wonder youre so eager to do some tail-shaking.

Thats why Im surprised shes not at home. It dawns on him. That having been said, each role is unique and presents an actor or actress with specific challenges; the following thumbnail sketches of the fotloose characters may give you ideas about the qualities to look for and pitfalls to be avoided when casting your production. I mean, just look at him. VI Wes, that place is a greasy dump.

But, clearly, footlooxe boy has no respect for authority. A few KIDS notice this. REN Maybe you should see a doctor. And he used to be real good. They share a small laugh. Before we begin, I want to remind all our young people who have joined us this evening that this meeting is convened to consider official town business. Watch that attitude, boy. They brace themselves as a train rumbles overhead; lights strobe across their faces. A snare-drum train gradually building, then diminishing in volume can enhance this sound cue.

You have a sermon in the morning. Its not even a month and you get fired! REN Gee, if my daddy makes a phone call, will you get offa my back? I heard youre moving away. McCormack, we dont need a history lesson REN pulls the Bible from his jacket and opens it to a bookmark. Ethel McCormack and her son Ron, is it? I always wondered where that came from. Its hard to impose a curfew on the young people of my congregation when I cant seem to enforce one in my own home.

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