As of Jan. NPMA was last updated in The changes aim to limit the liability of inspectors and inspection companies using the form, make it easier for consumers to understand treatment recommendations, and give inspectors more options and flexibility in recommending WDI remediation and treatment. The original wording consistently raised questions from inspectors; the new, more specific wording intends to clarify this.

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Our original plan was to go to Las Vegas Oct. That way we can kind of test a bit with these new heads and make a partial run or two. It certainly helped that Jim Harmon from California Pest Management came on board and helped us out financially as a major associate sponsor. Since , Arend has driven a limited schedule in the nitro Funny Car owned by the Russo family. Over the last several years, Arend has found a niche competing on a limited schedule in the NHRA Mello Yello Series — and he also has served as a fill-in driver.

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The previous edition of this form will become obsolete after December 31, Please direct all questions or concerns regarding the updated NPMA form to Jim Fredericks at jfredericks pestworld. Description: Rat behavior is often a mystery that people do not fully understand. These creatures make their homes in some of the most unspeakable locations, with many food sources to supply a small army. Rats change their behavior based upon their experiences and the conditions they are living under.

For example, rats are extremely neophobic and tend to demonstrate an aversion to both bait and traps over time. Why does their behavior change when it comes to new objects being introduced to their environment? Why do they really have issues with new baits, even though the selected baits look very similar to other baits previously used? If you introduce a non-lethal liquid bait, does the rat's behavior also change? Brandy Pyzyna, vice president of technical services at SenesTech, will discuss these intriguing animals and their behavior when things change in their environment.

All in One Termite and Pest Control has been providing pest and termite services to the Raleigh area for the last several years. Massey first entered North Carolina in and currently has service centers in Raleigh, Charlotte and Fuquay. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla. Oakes now markets a red palm weevil Rhynchophorus ferrugineus week Aggregation Pheromone Dispenser.

The red palm weevil pheromone dispenser can be used in management programs to deliver complete monitoring of red palm weevil infestations, according to J. The red palm weevil pheromone dispenser is easy to use, safe to handle, environmentally friendly and leaves no chemical residue in crops, J. Oakes reports.


National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Forms - HUD

The NPMA 33 is a form that we use every single day in our business. Technically, they should be called Wood Destroying Insect Report but they never really get called that. The nicknames often times are a source of confusion for homeowners and realtors alike. Whatever you call this form, there are some changes in that you need to know about but first let us discuss why you might need a NPMA 33 form to begin with.


The New NPMA-33

The new version, revised July 1, , may be used for WDI inspections immediately but must be used for all inspections on or after Jan. After it was finalized by the committee, the updated form was reviewed and approved by the NPMA board of directors at the February board meeting. Notable changes on the revised NPMA form include further clarification of recommendations for treatment, the elimination of extraneous inspection information and additional flexibility in treatment recommendations. ServiceMark offers solutions for multi-part carbonless and laser compatible business forms, including form NPMA and other business documents for the pest control industry.


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