Just been to my local model shop to see if they had any Bajas in usually have good stock and sods law they don't have a single one, but I did spot a very nice clean second hand example of an FTX Punisher Never seen one before, and they look pretty nice. It's already got a killswitch but not sure of any other upgrades What would be best to upgrade? I think I will, seems a lot of money for something that isn't a Baja might ask him if he actually has any second hand Bajas available though, never know my luck. Quite possibly but you only have to look at all the posts on here or in your case, your sig, to see that people always hop up a baja like it's a fashion thing.

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FTX 2. Take your PunishmentLike a Man! Garage pump petrol isplentiful and easy to get, cheaper than nitro fuel, you can literally fill upon your way out for some fun, anytime day or night. Petrol engines run cooler than you might expect; anyone used torunning a nitro model will be used to temperatures up around F, degrees C , while a petrol engine running 2-stroke premix can see enginetemps around 60 degrees rising only to 80 degrees when the enginecooling fins are clogged with mud or the going gets extremely slow, likein a boggy field when air flow over the cylinder is limited.

Even so, the fanassisted engine manages to keep itself reasonably cool and within itsoptimum operating temperature range thanks to the premix oil contentbeing drawn into the cylinder, and the crankshaft mounted impeller justbehind the pull start that draws air from around the crankcase itself. Theexhaust will get hot for sure, as there is a flame path making an exit butas this is contained within the roll cage on the back of the engine it isrelatively hard to access and with a rubber outlet hose poking from therear of the bodyshell it is very unlikely to cause injury.

Check out the Punisher , with 2. After setting upthe end points and neutral positions for both channels perfectly, yousimply use the failsafe setting button on the receiver to make sure itreverts to a brake position if the signal is lost. As an RTR package it is pretty impressive, with just a receiver batteryand relevant charger to buy, as well as a fuel can, some premix oil and ofcourse the petrol to get it all going.

First options to look at, before even running a large buggy like this overtypically hostile territory there are two things. In this RTR kit you get your Punisher buggy, plus 2. You get a spark plug spanner that doubles up as a T barscrewdriver to make sure you get all your fixings properly done up. Alsoincluded is a multi spanner that allows you to adjust all the turnbucklescontrolling the geometry settings, both camber front and rear as wellas front toe in, just remember to turn them back very slightly so the balljoints at both ends are always working at the central position for sufficientclearance to work throughout the range without adding any drag into thesystem or prematurely wearing out.

The central differential is laid out just like a rallycross buggy, deadcentral with a brake disc in front and behind to allow brake bias balancingbetween the two axles. The radio includes adjuster dials to change bothfull throttle position and brake end point, as well as neutral point so youcan dial it in exactly as you need it. Restricting full throttle can make itmore drivable and extend run time, while limiting the brake action can helpmaintain traction and direction by preventing the wheels from locking up.

To accommodate the propshafts from the central drive housing to eachdifferential, the engine is mounted only slightly off to the left hand sideand the propshaft goes under the indentation within the crankcase justto the side of the crank centreline, while the cc fuel tank spreads theweight of the fuel evenly across the chassis by incorporating a tunnelclearance to avoid interrupting the power transfer to the front gearbox.

Astraight front and rear propshaft angle is more efficient and wear will bereduced as a consequence. The centre of gravity is further improved bythe low orientation of the jumbo steering servo that fits snugly just in frontof the fuel tank.

The front and rear differentials contain all heavy duty metal gearsand are fully sealed to allow tuning by virtue of different grade siliconeoils, though they are simply packed with heavy duty grease as standardwhich is perfect for running the gears in. COM The engine forexample bolts to a moulded carrier, which is simply screwed to the chassisso that it comes away in one large assembly with the transfer layshaftstill attached. I used my Dremel power driver and had the bare chassis plate, whichweighs the best part of 1 kg, on the bench in less than 5 minutes.

As you might expect on a 12 kg buggy that can exceed 50 mph oncethe engine is run in and the carb settings perfected, everything aboutthis buggy is huge; the primary drive gears are all heavy-duty hardenedsteel, thankfully with a protective cover to prevent enquiring fingersgetting pinched. The 23 cc, 2-stroke engine weighs in at over 2. The brakes are very impressive, with push off springs ensuring theFerrodo style brake pads do not drag on the discs until they are needed,improving top speed and reducing wear at a single stroke.

The main spurgear is a spiral design to take drive from the bevel gear on the transferlayshaft from the engine, a clever and efficient way of getting poweraround a 90 degree corner.

Easy, go straight through! Above: The front drive and steering assembly, is supportedby a large alloy chassis brace. Alloy hub carrier, shock tower,turnbuckles and large volume shock absorbers make this ahigh spec kitAbove: The wheel drives have two grub screws holding it to thestub axle for extra securitytransferred rapidly to the wheels on the outside of the corner.

EAT ITWe hit our favourite large scale test area, a deserted piece of industrialland, covered in scrub and gravel interspersed with occasional tarmacstrips, so we could give it a really good thrash test. The tyres copedwith every surface from wet grass, dry tarmac, gravel and heavy shrubland, while the suspension took it all in its stride, floating over virtuallyanything!

Further investigation when we got home revealed we had lost akingpin pivot screw and the layshaft idler gear had backed off its grubAbove: Long travel suspension has droop to spare, note droopadjusting screw in lower armscrew retainer, otherwise it was mechanically sound. A good strip andrebuild with generous amounts of thread lock on all stressed and movingcomponents where threaded bolts screw into metal components is allit would take to make the Punisher bulletproof. All up, we spent a very enjoyable day out yet used less fuel in the Punisher than we did in my Zafira dragging it there and back.

SimonFennell, Callum and I had a ball thrashing the Punisher around what wouldhave been otherwise a derelict area, literally turning a dead space intoa fun race track without upsetting or endangering anyone or anything,though we both got to eat a good deal of sand and gravel, typicallylaughing our heads off while the Punisher flew by scattering stones andsand in our faces!

Servo saver isoverlapping to prevent dust ingressAbove: Fully equipped and ready for anything. Can you handleit? COM 91 ci featureAbove: Pre-painted shell and pre-glued tyres means you have very little to do other than check it over before filling upAbove: Diffs arrive greased for running in but proper diff oilscould be used to tune the driving styleAbove: Centre diff with brake assemblies means you can dial infront to rear bias perfectlyis always best to hedge my bets, so while the FTX 2.

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