Manual zz. Warning and Caution Warning and Caution Mis-Wiring will result in damage to, and failure of the unit. Please carefully note the items listed below, and use the unit as indicated.

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Warning and Caution Construction And Handling Maintenance And lnspection. Warning and Caution Mis-Wiring will result in damage to, and failure of the unit.

Warning CD Hazard of electrical shock, disconnect incoming power before working on this control. Do not connect power supply to the output terminal U, V, W. Use only power capacity within the inverter capacity range of 1. Do not operate without the ground wire connected. Do not reset the aiarm automaticaiiy by externai sequence, etc.

Do not perform a megger test between the inverter terminals or on the control circuit terminals. Function code F 02 setting is O. This instruction manual is included with the inverter and equipment, and is provided for the convenience of the end user. Please be sure it accompanies the inverter. G Check the nameplate to insure that the specifications correspond to those ordered. J Namep! Ja an. Reverse the procedure to install the cover.

Main Circuit Terminal Block. Avoid any location subject to dew condensation, freezing or where the inverter would come into contact with any liquids.

Do not install in any location subject to any of the following conditions: direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, inflammable gas or oil mist. The inverter should be installed at an elevation below m, and vibration should be less than 5. Horizontal or other positional installation will cause overheat of the inverter. Allow sufficient space around the unit as shown in the figure on the left.

Please use thermostable material for inverter mounting plate. Dimensions" in Section Do not place the unit where ambient temperature is not proper. M 3-phase motor. When frequent braking or high torque braking is required, connect the optional braking 10 commercial 3-phase motor power supply resistor as shown in the figure.

GNO PE. An externa! Whenever making changes in the wiring or doing any other work, first switch off the power supply and then wait until the charge indication lamp goes out.

To see the charge indication lamp, remove the terminal cover. For model FVR E7S-2EX and 7EX, if the total wiring length between the inverter and the motor exceeds 50 to m, the indicated current value may be slightly higher than the actual value. RUN o CDThe control circuit terminal wiring should be kept as far as possible from the main cir- cuit wiring to prevent operational error due to noise interference.

Never install them in the same ductor conduit. A separation distance of 10 cm or more is recommended. Use shielded wire for the control circuit wiring, which should be as short as possible 20 mor less. Connect shield to the inverter ground terminal and leave the other end open. LEOs also ing setting of the program. This key is used far stopping operation. The mode can be changed with the keys on the keypad panel. Program mode while running AUN mode.

The reference frequency display flashes repeatedly. IFI lalal. By pressing them while data is displayed, the data can be changed. The program mode is ended and the inverter returns to STOP mode.

However, it is possible to confirm the data of all function codes. O" ro ro. O" J 3 ro. I : 1D1 Q [filill -. See note.

Note: Pa8t fault recordls also can be displayed with function codei Not lit Not lit STOP mode. AUN mode. Not effective 3 o Cl. Operation 1 Pre-Operation lnspection After completion of installation and wiring work, inspect the following items before the power supply to the inverter is switched on. G Check for wiring errors. Check that no screws, terminals, etc. Megger test: Do not conduct megger tests between the inverter main circuit terminals, or control circuit terminals.

Refer to Section 10 "lnspection and Maintenance. Please confirm the following items. CDSmooth rotation Correct rotation direction No abnormal vibrations and noise from the motor Smooth acceieration and deceieration.

FI lol: 1and IFI lol2I and other settings made by keypad panel or analog signal are ignored, and multistep speed operation is controlled by these terminal signals.

When the key is pressed, the changad data will be stored and the function code will be incrementad. In arder to achieve optimum operation of the inverter including the motor , several other settings should be changed in addition to IFI lal: 1and IFI lal2I. When the inverter protection function is active and the inverter is stopped, the contact signal SPDT contact is output. This is used for alarm circuits etc.

Used when the frequency is to be displayed with an externa! Function code 28 THR At the time of shipping, this is connected to the terminal CM. When the inverter is to be stopped by an externa! Connect the NO normally open contact signa! When the inverter is running, the transistor is turned on: open collector output. C1 13 1 12! The connection of the common terminals is the same as explained in section 5- above. For the setting of the frequency, either of the following two methods can be selected by using function code IF 1 lal: 1.

Operation example for!. For the setting of the frequency, either of the two methods can be selected as described in section Operation example. Operation control method is selected bylFI lol2I, and the frequency setting method is selected between keypad panel setting or analog setting by IFI lol: l.

Multistep speed settings 1through7 are set bylFI lthroughlFI '71, respective! Reverse ,Speed, Speed Manual 1. X1 ro;i 1 1 ON fc;1! Acceleration time 1 is set by! Can also be used in combination with the multistep frequency operation described in CD above. Function Explanation 1 Function Code Tables. Operation O : Keypad panel I 1 command operation - o l"'IUL. FMa terminal O, Line speed Coefficient for displaying IFI l: 1: 1 display coefficient 0.

IFI OC braking time 0. IFI 1 Muffistep speed setting 1 0. IFI Muffistep speed setting 2 0. IFI Multistep speed setting 3 0. IFI i;I Multistep speed setting 4 0. IFI l2lsl Muffistep speed setling 5 0.

IFI l2lsl Multistep speed setting 6 0.


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