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Zainstaluj Steam. Gry Gry. Programy Programy. Hello warriors! Another part of the Quality of Life improvements and bug fixes requested by the players is live! Join us in the arena on [NorthAmerica] Aquilla server and fight for fame in 5v5 battles. The winners will be immortalized on the in-game monuments and every participant will be rewarded — to arms!

See you in battle! Work in Progress Insight:. Weekly Update — Another round of Community-requested improvements! We keep focusing on improving Gloria Victis in response to your recent suggestions and turning them into reality, namely the most important factor of the game: the combat.

On the other hand, there are numerous tweaks to recently added Temple of Doom world event, various gameplay improvements and fixes to reported bugs. Check the update on your own! Changelog v. Weekly Update — New world event added! We would love to present to you a new world event: the Temple of Doom!

Explore the new location, face the challenge and fight for loot and glory! The new Glory season arrived! Kudos for every participant, and congratulations for the best players and guilds in the rankings. Today we want to present you a huge synchro update!

It gave us a lot of data to analyze and greatly helped us locate the current issues. We were gathering lots of performance logs over the last few weeks so we could continuously improve the overall performance of our servers. We are satisfied with the results, especially when biggest battles happens the average server FPS increased significantly. Due to the performance improvements we recently had, we made a tweak increasing synchronization tickrate above normal numbers if the server holds target FPS.

From the player perspective, though, the desync always feels like direct issue of server performance. Once again, thank you all for your help! Also, a little explanation about the new Glory season for the new players: Glory is a season-based ranking which rewards you for activity in the faction v faction v faction PVP.

The seasons last about 2 months and the top players are rewarded with unique titles, achievements and gold. The amount of earned CP depends on your position in the leaderboard, so climb up! Take your chances and climb up the ranking ladders over these last few days of this season. The fame and rewards await! Weekly Update — [Lockdown] Party Time! Two weeks ago we have introduced extended party management allowing to adjust it to your needs.

Today we want to give you more about the party! From now, the party leader can set one out of four looting types you can share your loot during the raids and a few more options.

On the other hand,this update brings another round of improvements requested by the Community and introduces important Quality of Life changes and Fixes — like increasing the life of the mounts, improved chances for enchants or fixing damage type of the NPCs. Check the list below! New Glory season coming soon:. Hello Warriors! From now on, the NPCs are going to pose a real challenge.

It also means that we could decrease the number of the NPC enemies in the world, which means improved server- and client-side optimization and, at the same time, improved ways to teach new players the combat basics. Read below for details! Check it on your own! First things first — you've got a free skin! As you probably already know it, that our friends from Fish Tank Studio are making Gloria Victis: Siege which will be set in the Gloria Victis world, and they just hit It means that every player who logged to Gloria Victis in the last week, as well as those who will log in before the next scheduled restart at AM GMT, will get the Ismir Leader Helm from the trailer for free!

We will reveal another goal next week, so stay tuned! On the other hand, a new weekly update has arrived — and we've overhauled the party system! With the addition of customizable player icons on the map, toggleable visibility of such, new types of the party which you can choose from, and numerous smaller or bigger improvements, this system will be much more convenient from now.

Besides that, there are several optimization changes, various gameplay improvements and some new crazy looking skins to choose from. Try out the update and claim your own Kargald Helm skin for free, and see you in battle! Weekly Update — Commands system just added! Another update filled with Quality of Life improvements is live! Either a defender or attacker, join the siege to get your effort paid back. Check down below for details! We'll be aiming to have more different activities in the future, so Open SoWs could then happen less frequently.

Tell us what do you think about this idea! Dozens of Quality of Life Improvements! Update v. Complete it to obtain a unique player title! Be sure to try out the update and see you in battle!

World Content Update v. The center of the map has been updated to become a much more populated PvP place out of State of War time. What has changed? First of all, we have added a new rare world boss — the Kargald Champion. The people of frosty Kargald belong to the most dreadful warriors of the world who raided the countless tribes as it can be seen in the Reveal Trailer of Gloria Victis: Siege.

The wild look of their helmets fills the heart of their enemies with fear — and now they invaded your land! The Kargald Champion can be found find in the middle of the map — with randomized time and spawn points.

In his loot, you can find unique items which allow you to add extra attributes for character or mount. They are added for 2 reasons: 1 New possibilities to level-up and extra earnings 2 Extra activities while hunting for the world boss 3 of the events are available from 40 level: Black Sickle, Outlumbered, Enclave of the Rejected. The other 3 are available from level Check them out, and read about other changes introduced with this update! There were no change to cleave attacks as they were already dealing less damage based on each target they hit, including allies.

This change is pretty deep in terms of balancing the game, and should promote smaller skirmishes instead of fighting in one big blob. The damage decrease percentage and entire feature is something we want to check in the battle, please remember to leave us a feedback about that change. Those points pool of player points are not being lost while using restat of attributes. Horse points are being added to the specific, active horse.

We want a horseman to be a subclass, just like a medic instead of full class to not prevent horseman players from taking part in the Sieges. Due to the changes done to abilities, every character receives a free reset of abilities — they can be claimed at the Notification Center for the next 14 days— Added Holy Temples links to the Guild Castles, they are harder to take by the enemy and so are less vulnerable to cutting off the nation from the fast travel to their GC increasing the Holy Temples value.

Fixes: — Fixed an issue leading to not loading friend lists for some players — Fixed the wrongly shown number of cooldown time to use fast travel to Guild Castle — Fixed an issue which made horse stamina regen being blocked when player stamina regen was blocked — Fixed an issue which made castles which were abandoned by the guild were bugging further tokens put in the same server session — Fixed an issue which lead to showing wrong amount of experience required to level up a horse — Fixed an case of receiving traitor debuff while fighting on the small arenas.

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To craft an item, you need to open the crafting window. You may use a button on the option bar 1 :. Most craftable items require using a certain workshop. It means that you must find such and click on it. The workshop can be noticed by the cursor changing and a displayed message 2 :. For the starters, you should choose a profession you like — to do this, simply press the arrow 3.


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