Effective date : Ref country code : IT. Ref document number : Country of ref document : DE. Date of ref document : Ref country code : FR.

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USB2 und. EPA1 und. AUA1 und. CAA1 und. FRB1 und. WOA1 und. DEC2 de. USB2 en. Voltage source converter having chain link converter for use in high voltage DC transmission. WOA1 en. Digital control method for improving heavy-to-light step down load transient response of switch mode power supplies.

KRB1 ko. CNB zh. BRA2 pt. TWIB zh. USA en. FRB1 fr. Convertisseurs de tension bidirectionnels de type continu-continu et capteur de courant. Multiple output flyback DC-to-DC converter with synchronous rectification and constant on-time current mode control. Dispositif de transfert de puissance par transformateur d'energie electrique. EPA1 fr. FRA1 fr. USA1 en. WOA1 fr. AUA1 en. Cervera et al. A high-efficiency resonant switched capacitor converter with continuous conversion ratio.

Circuits and methods providing three-level signals at a synchronous buck converter. Miao et al. Chang et al. Abutbul et al. Step-up switching-mode converter with high voltage gain using a switched-capacitor circuit. KRA ko. Villar-Pique et al. Survey and benchmark of fully integrated switching power converters: Switched-capacitor versus inductive approach.

Ren et al. USB1 en. Sanders et al. The road to fully integrated DC—DC conversion via the switched-capacitor approach. Baddipadiga et al. A high-voltage-gain dc-dc converter based on modified dickson charge pump voltage multiplier. JPB2 ja. Ramadass et al.


Hacheur (électronique)

La valve la plus simple est la diode. C'est un interrupteur qui conduit le courant dans un seul sens. Operation from split power supplies is also possible so long as the difference between the two supplies is 3 volts to 32 volts. Application areas include transducer amplifier, DC gain blocks and all the conventional OP-AMP circuits which now can be easily implemented in single power supply systems. Figure 1.


WO2003055048A1 - Hacheur serie a communication synchrone - Google Patents

Kind code of ref document : A1. Ref document number : Country of ref document : US. Country of ref document : CA. Country of ref document : EP. Ref country code : JP.


CA2438328A1 - Hacheur serie a commutation synchrone - Google Patents


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