Quick Links. Handy Recorder. Copying or reprinting this manual in part. Table of Contents. Page 2: H4N Pro Features Please read this manual carefully to fully understand the functions of the H4n Pro so that you can make the most of it for many years. After reading this manual, please keep it with the warranty in a safe place.

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A proficiency test is required to check out this Audio Recorder. Schedule a proficiency at the front desk of Media Loan or by calling Read this operating guide and complete the written portion of the Zoom H4n Audio Recorder Proficiency Test prior to your scheduled proficiency. Bring your answer sheet with you to the test, which should take approximately 30 - 45 minutes. Video Tutorial - How to record high quality audio on a budget. Since power consumption of this unit is fairly high, we recommend the use of an AC power adapter whenever possible.

Media Loan provides a SD card with the H4n recorder, This should provide a large amount of recording time, even while recording in very high definition formats. The power switch to the H4n is a two-way slider switch. To power on the H4, push the switch toward the power logo, then release it.

The switch will return to its original position, and the H4n will begin to boot up. To put the H4n into key hold mode, push the power switch into the hold position. The screen will show that the H4n is in key hold mode, and all buttons will not respond until key hold mode is deactivated.

To switch out of key hold mode, simply pull the power switch back to the center position. The screen will display that the key guard has been released. To access the main menu, press the MENU button on the right side of the recorder.

Once inside the main menu, turn the dial to select the desired option and press the dial to select. To go back to the previous menu screen, press the MENU button again.

When in the menu, the current folder will display at the bottom of the screen. Recording sources can be chosen with the input buttons on the face of the recorder. Behind the built in stereo mic, there is a stereo mini jack to plug in an external stereo mic. To record from this source, press the MIC button. When the source is active, the MIC button will glow. The input jacks are controlled by the [1] and [2] buttons on the input panel.

In 2CH and 4CH modes, the two input jacks operate as a stereo pair. If you select one jack input button, both will glow to indicate that they are both active. IN MTR mode, the two jacks can be used independently. The H4n has several different recording modes, which change the way the recorder operates, and which inputs can be used.

All recording modes except for stamina mode can be chosen in the MODE sub-menu. Stamina Mode - Stamina mode is designed for the sole purpose of conserving battery life, and should only be used if it is necessary to record for extremely long periods with no access to fresh batteries or AC power. Stamina mode will increase battery life from about 6 hours to about 11 hours. In stamina mode, the H4n operates exactly like stereo mode with several limitations:. The input select buttons will illuminate to reflect which source the H4n is recording from.

While recording in stereo mode, the sources can be switched at any time, including while the recorder is capturing audio. Recording volumes are controlled by source. Each of the tracks can be recorded and modified independently from any of the others. Each track can record from any of the input sources. To begin recording in MTR mode:. WAV is an uncompressed and loss-less file formal, while Mp3 is compressed and lossy.

This means that WAV files are larger, but retain more detail than MP3's, which trade audio resolution for much smaller file sizes. Zoom recorders from Media Loan are provided with a SD card. Total recording time per GB will change depending on format and quality. Transferring audio files from the H4n to a computer is simple, and much like using an external hard drive.

To connect the H4n to a computer, make sure the recorder is off, then connect the recorder to your computer via USB. When this is done, turn on the recorder and allow it to boot up. Once the recorder has started, it will give you options for connection modes. Make sure to eject the USB connection before disconnecting the H4n. Create account Log in Discussion View source History. Toggle navigation. Jump to: navigation , search.

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Zoom H4N User Manual

Quick Links. Before starting, be sure to do the following:. Be sure the recorder has good batteries and has full charge. Check out an XLR cable and an appropriate microphone for the recording scenario. Open the battery compartment and be sure the "Stamina" switch is OFF.


Zoom H4n Audio Recorder Operating Guide



Zoom H4n Pro Operation Manual


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