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Learn more about Scribd Membership Home. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Codex Catachan 3rd Edition. Uploaded by Edd O'Connor. Document Information click to expand document information Description: 3rd Edition Imperial Guard suppliment representing Catachan Jungle Fighter regiments. Date uploaded Jun 27, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate?

Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Warhammer 40k - Codex - Ultramarines - - 2nd Edition. Jump to Page. Search inside document. By necessity, they are a tough breed well versed in survival amidst planet-wide jungles that swarm with voracious.

Once recruited they are dispatched to warzones al across the galaxy where their skills in Jungle wartare are at a premium. The army list which follows ie relerred to as a Deathworld Veterans army list so that players can also use Deathworld regimenis of their own invention, This allows you to devise your own coloyr Schemes, nistory and background for a Deathworld Veterans army. The Deathwortd army list can be used in two ways. First to add units of Deathword Veterans to a standard.

Imperial Guard force. Ie rolatvaly lightly ermed force which Uses its skils in jungle warfare to balance Its lack of big guns or tanks, While Deathworld troopers are better than the average Imperial Guardsmen, their greatest strength lies in their ability to move through jungles unhindered and lay booby traps and ambushes to confound their foes, Deathworid troops can use the dense terrain of the junge to cover them as they strike and then fade back into the terrain belore the enemy can mustor a responce.

Visually, a Deathworld Veterans army is great for players who lke a hard-bitten elite force made up of rugged individuals. Codex: Catachans is spl into the following sections, each of which deals with a different aspect o!

The Army List. The army lst inthis book is supplomentary to the army list in Codex: Imperial Guard. It gives the special rules, weapons and unique troops available to a Deathworld Veterans force. This section is packed with advice and tips on how to set about collectng a force of Deathworld Veterans, tactics to use in batle and how to paint your miniatures and create jungle terrain for your battlefield.

The Catachans. The final section tells you how to set up terrain for a jungle battlefield. Italse contains additional information about the world of Catachan, specialist jungle fighting techniques and Imperial reports on Catachan equipment. Catachan Command platoons may include Assault teams see the army list for details as part of the platoon's complement of heavy weapon squads.

If a model uses. The Officer is a character and may be given additional equipment from the Imperial Guard Armoury. Rol a D6 for each Commissar before setting them up roll for models in reserve when they deploy onto the table. Deathworld Veteran free: Options: Any mede!

He can choose equipment usually only availabe to Officers. He carries a lasgun, or a laspistol and a close combat weapon, and Catachan Devi to may be given additional equipment from the Imperial Guard Armoury. See page of the Warhammer 40, rulebook for details. Weapons: Lasgun and frag grenades. They may re-roll failed Morale and Pinning tests and can try to regroup even if below hai strength. They do not form units and are set up separately see Special Rules below. They may re-roll a failed roll to wound when using their rifles.

Deathworld Veterans: Deathworld Veteran Snipers are Deathworld Veterans as described in the Special Rules section at the start of this army list points for the upgrade have been included above Ambush: Deathworld Veteran Snipers may be set up in ambush as described in the Special Rules section at the start of the army list.

Disappear: You may never move a Dealhworkd Veteran Sniper model, During your movement phase you may remove the model, representing the Sniper merging back into the shadows so he can fight another day. He may onty join units trom his own platoon, Leadership: Any imperial Guard squad within 12" of a Platoon Commander may use the Commander's Leadership value for all Leadership teste.

The Sergeant may exchange his lasgun for a laspistol and close combat weapon at no extra cost. Weapons: Lasguns. Squadron: The squadron consists of between one and three Deathworld Sentinels. Weapons: Each Deathworld Sentinel is armed with a heavy flamer.

Options: A Deathworld Sentinel may have any of the following: armoured crew compartment, camo netting, extra amour, hunter-killer missile, improved comms, searchlight, smoke launchers. These allow them to re-rall the dice for how far they move through dificult terrain, Chainsaw Warriors: The most common type of rough terrain modification us by Deathworld Sentinels is the chainsaw attachment.

Deathworld Sentinel remmen quickly lear how useful the chainsaw is in close combat. The Sergeant may exchange his lasgun for a laspistol and close. Weapons: Each member of the squad carries a lasgun.

Points AP. Then roll for scatter in the same way as you would for ordnance. Firstly, you can field an Infantry Company army chosen using the army list in Co without any speci Imperial Guard, les at all. This is Imperial Guard army which Catachan Jungle Fighters In addition to this, you can me Deathworld Veterans units includes miniature add this Codex to create a combined force.

Altematively, you could field a Deathworld Veterans army using just the army list given earlier without any lanks or the more specialised Infantry Company units, However, it does include booby traps, ambushers, ete. In time, your collection of models will probably be large enough, wih enough dive Units, to allow you to field any of these different army types.

Here are two examples of painting skin for you to try. Adding camouflage really helps to link your models to your terrain. The co1oUr ef undercoat greatly aftects the tne atthe Painting over a white undercoat skin Dwart Fesh all over the undercoat fercoat makes fora lighter skin coloy Painting over a black undercoat 0 skin Owart Flesh over the undercoat leaving the despest recesses of ari Camouflage is an important etement of a jungle colour scheme.

Start to paint a basic camouilage scheme with a light colour and overpaint with a darker camouflage pattern on iop you can paint progressively darker colours on top for multiple colour camouflage schemes if you want. AS well as painting camouflage onto cloth, you can also paint camouflage onto skin as well [Another way of camouflaging your miniatures is to stick foliage onto them. On the following pages you'll find a selection of Ideas and techniques for making jungles. Whera you craw the compromise is up 10 you, out there are several suggestios on these pages.

He's go! For instanee, he might just paint straight over the twisted wire if he s in a hurry or wind bandage, wire, tape or string around the trunk to create a different texture.

Nigel says. You can soak the stip of bandage in a variety of mixtures, including PVA, plaster or watered down filler. Whatever mixture you use, it needs to be fairly watery. When ihe bandage is socked, wrap it round the wire trunk and leave it to dry. If you want, cut a sorios of diagonal lines into the leaves be careful not to cut the leaf in halfl. Also included are some brief tactical notes on how to use the jungle to make the most of the unique skills and weapons of your Deathworid Veterans.

Category 3 Golden Demon The lly ed othe es oly Ind te pict Cochin A wel-bne tice wl 4 Yuta ge wil be ken ee fe coo we. They can be used for any game and do not exclusively have to be used for battles involving Deathworld Veterans.

With a litle adjustment these rules work for any type o! In jurgle bates the majorty ofthe ground is covered with jungla.

See the section Collecting and Modelling a Catachans Army for more ideas. The Terain Generator tls you which ones have tras running trom them. Take ltr fa pick a terrain feature and io place any tras wring torn Tras are 2 Wide and count as cea tern.

This works well for small patches of dense forest or jungle but is less appropriate for large swathes of Jungle which may hide all manner of menaces. Units that get spooked in a booby trapped square are both spooked and booby trapped.

Units thet roll extra dice when moving through difficult terrain are spooked i they rol two of more: 1s on any of the dice they roll. Aunit may always roll loss than its permitted number of dice, to show that itis moving, carefuly. In this case, the model has a line of sight as long as it doesn't pass through more than 6" of jungle terrain that is on the same level as it eg, on another hil.

You must decide if unit wil set up in ambush before you deploy your troops. Once your opponent has read these rules you may set up the ambush. Divide your gaming table into 1 squares and give each a grid reference. Then write down the squares where your ambushing units are hiding see the diagram below. It remains hidden, even if enemy units move through the square that itis hiding nt The unit can be spotted by an enemy madel in the same square as it which ie equipped with an auspex, scanner or some ther similar device see the Scanning Devices list below.

The model scans at the start of the shooting phase and any ambushers that are detected must be placed on the tabletop immodiatoly. Once the unit is revealed, ither by yourself or because of a detecting device, set up one model in the square you recorded, at least 1" away ftom any enemy models, This model must be Aight is the grd fora x5" A fable, The orders for an 1 set up in jungle or woodland ambush in the marked square would be: "Pavol led by Sot.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Guard(8E)

This is the current Edition's Imperial Guard tactics. When recruits are inducted into the Imperial Guard, they are given four things: their regulation flashlight commonly referred to by the troops as "lasguns" for some reason, their regulation cardboard box which certain regiments have taken to cutting up and wearing into battle, calling it "flak armor," a large stack of toilet paper which the recruiters refer to as the "Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer," and a regulation extra large wheelbarrow that allows them to cart their massive brazen balls into battle. From a gameplay perspective, the Imperial Guard is a flexible force known for having either hordes of cheap infantry to blast the heretic swine, waves of tanks to flatten the bastards, or both. The army is easy to learn while having a lot of options and tactics being discovered frequently, Conscript spam is not the most viable option in the Guard army, after all. That's why you play the Imperial Guard. You just replace the keyword Regiment for one of the eight listed Regiments their Doctrines you want to use and you'll get the rule. With The Greater Good, the IG can follow in the footsteps of several other factions in making their own Regimental Doctrine, combining two of the following rules:.


Codex Catachan 3rd Edition


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