The mosfet has a low gate threshold voltage of 4V and hence commonly used with microcontrollers like Arduino for switching high current loads. Note: Complete technical details can be found at the IRF datasheet linked at the bottom of the page. The Mosfet can switch loads that consume upto 9. It also has a decent on-state resistance of 0. But this does not mean that the Mosfet will turn on completely with just 5V, it needs around 10V supplied to the gate pin to turn on completely and supply 9.

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Data Sheet. January All of. These types can be operated directly from integrated. Formerly developmental type TA Ordering Information.

NOTE: When ordering, use the entire part number. IRF Rev. Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage Note 1. V DGR. Continuous Drain Current. Pulsed Drain Current Note 3. Gate to Source Voltage. Maximum Power Dissipation. Dissipation Derating Factor.

Operating and Storage Temperature. Maximum Temperature for Soldering. Leads at 0. Package Body for 10s, See Techbrief T pkg. This is a stress only rating and operation of the. Drain to Source Breakdown Voltage. Gate to Threshold Voltage. Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current. On-State Drain Current Note 2. Gate to Source Leakage Current. Drain to Source On Resistance Note 2. Forward Transconductance Note 2.

Turn-On Delay Time. Rise Time. Turn-Off Delay Time. Fall Time. Total Gate Charge. Gate to Source Charge. Input Capacitance. Output Capacitance. Reverse Transfer Capacitance. Internal Drain Inductance. Internal Source Inductance. BV DSS. V GS TH. I DSS. I GSS. Q g TOT. C ISS. C OSS. C RSS. Independent of Operating. Essentially Independent of Operating. Figure Measured From the Contact. Screw On Tab To Center of. Measured From the Drain. Lead, 6mm 0. Package to Center of Die.

Measured From the Source. Header to Source Bonding. Symbol Showing the. Internal Devices. Thermal Resistance Junction to Case. Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient. Free Air Operation. Download IRF Datasheet. All of these power MOSFETs are designed for applications such as switching regulators, switching convertors, motor drivers, relay drivers, and drivers for high power bipolar switching transistors requiring high speed and low gate drive power.

These types can be operated directly from integrated circuits. P D Dissipation Derating Factor. T pkg IRF 9. NOTE: 1.


IRF520 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



Datasheet Vishay IRF520


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