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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Bergonzi's Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Bergonzi's Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies Does anyone have any experiences with this study, positive or otherwise? I'm thinking of spending some time with it. Dave As Billie Holiday put it, "Lester sings in his horn; you listen to him and can almost hear the words". Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

Man, I really Tried to work with this book There are some great lines in there, but they seem to happen accidentally. I'd rather not construct my solos thinking about intervals. I loved his 1st book - Melodic Structures - and the one on Pentatonics, but just couldjn't get myself to dive into the Intervallic Melodies.

I have the book. You could really get the sound of a chromatic-type line in you ears, then later you could play around with it, changing it or making up your own line. A couple of these lines go a long way.

You dont need to memorize or work on ALL of them. Once you know the "ins-and-outs" of a few, it could help you ears alot--or at least you would have a few "bursts" of "out" stuff you could blast out, in certain solo ocassions.

Originally Posted by davesaxa1. Does anyone have any experiences with this study, positive or otherwise? Along with Tim's advice another thing that is great that I was doing was if I had a long ride to a gig I would put on the CD that comes with it and try to sing through the exercise to the CD while I was driving. I would stick with the same line and then went it went to the next track and key I would sing the line again over the new key.

This was incredibly hard for me but I think it was good to hear and produce the pitches against the different tonics. That reminds me I have to start practicing that again! Originally Posted by Tim Price. Regarding Volume 5 of Bergonzi's Thesaurus of Intervallic melodies. What jerry suggested to me to start this book was take the first ten pages and sing them over a C major triad, then over E major and Ab triads then some minor triads, this way the ear accepts the harmony rub.

He also suggested as you play these, key in on the intervals that you like, think of it as an intervallic highway non patterns, then try over the open vamps take some lines and play them across the vamp then even try it through a blues like for instance there are some play alongs in the back. Check out one of the blues and start to play some lines over top of it. From the first ten pages Anyhow it's a great book it makes a lot of sense and I hope what i said helps. Thanks Tim , for taking the time to explain that.

It makes things a lot clearer. I'm just trying to to get my head around playing that freely and using a random mathmatical approach. Anything that expands the ear is a good thing, Its probably exactly what I need to dive into in fact. The problem with this book, and this is common in music books, is that it's impossible, at least for an average bear like me, to know what is supposed to be going on.

The arrows I can understand but those arrangments of ABC and D are not explained and don't seem to apply to what is written on the staff. You also have a set of letters and numbers at the top of the page and then a whole different set above every set of 4 or 5 notes. And what do they mean anyway? Excuse me Jerry but you dropped a page of the introduction on the floor before it got to the printers.

The book is usable, so is Lateef's, without knowing what's going on but it seems to be an integral part of this that there is a method in there somewhere and it would be nice to be let in on the method behind these lines, especially after I've bought the book, otherwise they are just random.

Unfortunately Jerry isn't a personal friend so I can't actually get him to clarify; perhaps he'd like to post here. Just because you are a musician it doesn't mean that you're not expected to write clear introductions and explanations. Maybe it's to maintain the mystery but it actually undermines the value of the book. Originally Posted by JimD. Last edited by Bub99; at AM.

Reason: added quote. I think my brain just exploded Horns are like wine: forget about brand names and price and just find one that you like. I think my brain just imploded! Wow, I ordered this book and the Pentatonic book.

Unfortunately they're on a barge on the way to the islands. Talk about a Slow Boat to China! It's an acquired taste. Originally Posted by hakukani. I have the book and understanding what is going on is not a problem, playing the lines is not a problem, but trying to get them into your playing is another thing.

However there are many benefits to using this book even if you just play through a page a day, as I generally do. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT. The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.


Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies : Vol. 5. Melodie-Instrumente. Lehrbuch mit CD.

String Instruments. Wind Instruments. Vocal Music. Chamber Music and Ensembles.


Jerry Bergonzi, Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies

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Jerry Bergonzi - Vol.5 - Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies



Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies


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