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Fred Davis This issue is post number , and this is the 30th edition of our Guest Teaching Series. Julian writes:. His sharing of the teaching arises from a generosity of spirit. His uncluttered and focused guidance has been credited with concluding the search for many people. My wife, Catherine, keeps up a presence on Facebook and tells me his name is often mentioned. He has the ability to keep the questioner focused and looking in the right direction. For about thirty years I had been involved in various paths and practices, including Christianity, Theosophy, the teachings of J.

Krishnamurti I went to his talks in Ojai in the s , Buddhism, Hinduism, and yoga. There were other paths and teachers also, too numerous to mention here. In my mid-twenties, I was introduced to Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj through books on their lives and teachings. Something about those great Indian teachers of non-dual spirituality seemed solid and unshakable. There was undoubtedly a benefit, but I was not fully satisfied for some reason.

Either it was my confusion or something was not fully clear in the teachings being presented. Most likely the former! The growth was there, but it was often slow, and I was not getting much direct experience. I vaguely felt that I was progressing, but if I honestly looked at my experience, I did not fully understand what the teachers were pointing to.

Most importantly, my day-to-day life was not free of suffering. I knew the seeking was not over; something was missing. Had I not met Bob Adamson, the seeking might have gone on for decades, or at least until I met someone with a real understanding.

Who knows who that might have been or when, but, barring that, I am pretty sure the seeking — and suffering — would have continued for a long time. I was nowhere near their level of devotion, so it was pretty much out the picture that that approach would work for me. Practices, as I eventually learned, usually are interminable. This is because they are often based on false premises. However, I was unsure which teachers were authentic; none seemed to resonate fully.

I could not understand his teaching fully, given all the Hindu verbiage and translation issues he originally spoke in Marathi , but I felt intuitively that he was a free being. Many spiritual seekers, through reading his words, can sense the genuineness of his realization, even if they do not always experience everything he talks about.

I used to wonder if there was anyone still living who had met Nisargadatta Maharaj and had really got the experience of self-knowledge. After all those years of searching, I eventually stumbled across Bob Adamson.

Something resonated strongly. Shortly afterwards, I learned about Bob Adamson. Not wanting to miss the chance of meeting an authentic teacher having missed the chance to see Nisargadatta Maharaj while he was alive , I decided to visit Bob in person in Australia.

You can imagine my motivation or perhaps desperation! The best books are primarily the records of dialogues that took place between a seeker and a teacher at some point in the past. In reading such books, we are trying to understand an experience that took place in the past through words and concepts on the page. A book is like a map pointing to something real that was experienced in a dialogue between living people. We think there must be some technique or path involved to get there.

But somehow we are not quite sure what it is! The result is that the mind keeps generating the same old bondage and suffering. This is a frustrating cycle, because we intuitively feel a glimmer of light or truth in the readings, but the actual experience eludes us. The majority of seekers that I have met have had a similar experience. Many are driven to try to find a living teacher, in order to get some guidance and assistance on the spiritual path.

This was what happened for me. Something radically shifted for me because I came face-to-face with the vitality, the confidence, the energy of that understanding. It was a remarkable experience and quite different from anything I had encountered in my years of seeking. The first day after I arrived, we had a chance to meet and talk.

Is there anything you need to know? You are here. Are you ready to go for this completely here and now? I cast aside my theoretical knowledge and got down to getting off my chest my real doubts, questions and problems. Surprisingly, things cleared up very quickly. Being face-to-face with that clarity — coupled with my own desire to be free — allowed things to shift quickly.

The basic teaching is very simple, almost too simple. It is so simple the mind overlooks it. All of the techniques are looking in the wrong direction. What are you right now?

What have you always been? It is more like seeing an apple in your hand. You just look, not think. You are undoubtedly present and aware. Before the next thought arises, you are absolutely certain of the fact of your own being, your own awareness, your own presence.

This awareness is what you are; it is what you always have been. All thoughts, perceptions, sensations and feelings appear within or upon that. This awareness does not move, change or shift at any time. It is always free and completely untouched. However, it is not a thing or an object that you can see or grasp.

The mind, being simply thoughts arising in awareness, cannot grasp it or know it or even think about it. Yet, as Bob says, you cannot deny the fact of your own being. It is palpably obvious, and yet, from the time we were born, no one has pointed this out. Without taking a step, you have arrived; you are home.

No practice can reveal this because practices are in time and in the mind. This is, in essence, what Bob pointed out to me in the first conversation I had with him.

Later, some thoughts came up, some old personality patterns, some old definitions of who I thought myself to be. I seemed to lose the clear understanding of my nature as presence-awareness.

The next day, I talked to Bob about it. Do you exist? Are you aware? What is illumining the thought that you have lost it? The awareness that we are is never obscured! Eventually we understand that we are not those thoughts. Once our real self is pointed out, the suffering loses its grip.

Bob pointed out that there is no person here at all. The person that we think we are is an imaginary concept. There are thoughts and feelings and perceptions, but they are not a problem. They just rise and fall like dust motes in the light of the presence-awareness that we are.

But that thought is not who we really are. Whether that thought is there or not, we still exist. Then a lifetime of suffering evaporates. I looked and saw that right now and here, there is not a separate person in the picture at all. In that moment, all my doubts and confusion evaporated. Upon actual looking, I discovered it was not there at all. Fifteen years of meditating could not accomplish what occurred in a few moments of direct looking.

In that recognition arose a direct and immediate sense of clarity and peace. I intuitively felt that the searching was over. Is that it? From that moment on, I have not felt any serious difficulty or suffering, nor felt the slightest desire or urge to seek, meditate, or pursue any particular spiritual path.

The whole landscape shifted and I intuitively knew the seeking was over. However, the shining presence-awareness was still there without effort, the simple fact of our own being.

It is all one substance, all one light; it is all that; it is non-duality.


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Randall, I'm happy to have found your blog!! What a great discovery. Thanks to my new friend Sage Lee for that one! I got here via his website, via YouTube. This is one of the most powerful statements from John Wheeler I've ever read. It impacts me like reading one of Nisargadatta's later books. Post a Comment.


John Wheeler

Fred Davis 2. All pointers converge on a central theme. This is the simple truth of what we are, the essential and inescapable reality that shines behind the doubtless sense of being present and aware. Non-duality speaks to the non-separation of the seeker and the final reality being sought.


Although its Bobs' presence I resonate with, John writes incredibly simply and clear. You are already That. Spiritual enlightenment is right here, right now. What you are looking for, is what you already are. With a few meetings with Sailor Bob Adamson student of Nisargadatta my self centre dropped away. This group is an informal discussion for those who are ready to end the spiritual search and discover 'you are That which you have been seeking'.

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