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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. The Biology of Belief Quotes Showing of Because each atom has its own specific energy signature wobble , assemblies of atoms molecules collectively radiate their own identifying energy patterns.

So every material structure in the universe, including you and me, radiates a unique energy signature. If it were theoretically possible to observe the composition of an actual atom with a microscope, what would we see?

Now remove the sand and dirt from the funnel cloud. What you have left is an invisible, tornado-like vortex. A number of infinitesimally small, dust devil—like energy vortices called quarks and photons collectively make up the structure of the atom. From far away, the atom would likely appear as a blurry sphere. As its structure came nearer to focus, the atom would become less clear and less distinct. As the surface of the atom drew near, it would disappear.

You would see nothing. In fact, as you focused through the entire structure of the atom, all you would observe is a physical void. The atom has no physical structure—the emperor has no clothes! Remember the atomic models you studied in school, the ones with marbles and ball bearings going around like the solar system? No, there has not been a printing mistake; atoms are made out of invisible energy not tangible matter!

So in our world, material substance matter appears out of thin air. Kind of weird, when you think about it. Here you are holding this physical book in your hands. As it turns out, we undergraduate biology majors were right about one thing—the quantum universe is mind-bending. Matter can simultaneously be defined as a solid particle and as an immaterial force field wave. When scientists study the physical properties of atoms, such as mass and weight, they look and act like physical matter.

However, when the same atoms are described in terms of voltage potentials and wavelengths, they exhibit the qualities and properties of energy waves. Einstein revealed that we do not live in a universe with discrete, physical objects separated by dead space. The Universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole in which energy and matter are so deeply entangled it is impossible to consider them as independent elements.

Lipton, The Biology of Belief. British scientist Timothy Lenton provides evidence that evolution is more dependent on the interaction among species than it is on the interaction of individuals within a species.

Evolution becomes a matter of the survival of the fittest groups rather than the survival of the fittest individuals.

Those two mechanisms provide a way for scientists to study both the contribution of nature genes and the contribution of nurture epigenetic mechanisms in human behavior. If you only focus on the blueprints, as scientists have been doing for decades, the influence of the environment is impossible to fathom.

Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues, and organs. The environment serves as a "contractor" who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell's life.

It is a single cell's "awareness" of the environment, not its genes, that sets into motion the mechanisms of life. If energy healing could be made into tablet form, drug manufacturers would get interested quickly. Instead, they identify deviations in physiology and behavior that vary from some hypothetical norm as unique disorders or dysfunctions, and then they educate the public about the dangers of these menacing disorders. Of course, the over-simplified symptomology used in defining the dysfunctions prevalent in drug company advertisements has viewers convinced they are afflicted by that particular malady.

Stop your worry. Tell your doctor you want Addictazac, the new passion-pink drug. Thomas, et al, ; Stevens, et al, While there have been five mass extinctions in the history of our planet, they are all presumed to have been caused by extraterrestrial events, such as a comet smashing to earth. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


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La biologia de la creencia / The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton (2010, Paperback, Translation)



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The Biology of Belief Quotes


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