Peru - Social security general standards - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Adoption : PERM Peru - Social security general standards - Law, Act. Adoption : PERL Se regulan las posibilidades de cambiar de AFP.

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Peru - Social security general standards - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Adoption : PERM Peru - Social security general standards - Law, Act. Adoption : PERL Se regulan las posibilidades de cambiar de AFP.

Se reduce -entre el 1. Peru - Social security general standards - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Adoption : PERR Los trabajadores pueden elegir el sistema de salud de su preferencia: el del Instituto Peruano de Seguridad Social o el privado. Los trabajadores podran optar por el sistema de su preferencia.

Se contemplan las prestaciones de invalidez, vejez y sobrevivencia. La ley trata en su cap. Quedan derogados los decretos leyes y y el decreto supremo PM.

El citado art. La Derrama Universitaria creada de conformidad con el art. Decreto-ley que aprueba el Instrumento Andino de Seguridad Social. Decreto-ley sobre el seguro de continuidad facultativa. Quedan derogados el art. Decreto Supremo TR por el que se nota el reglamento del decreto-ley relativo al sistema nacional de pensiones de seguridad social.

Quedan derogados en particular los arts. Modifica los arts. Philippines - Social security general standards - Law, Act. Expanded Senior Citizen Act of R. An Act granting addition benefits and privileges to senior citizens, further amending Republic Act No. Social Security Condonation Law of R. An Act granting the social security system a one-time authority to condone penalties on unremitted or delinquent contributions by employers. Pre-Need Code of the Philippines R.

Regulates, through the establishment of a government agency, pre-need companies in order to ensure stable and sustainable growth in the industry. These are defined as companies that provide pre-need plans for social insurance benefits such as education, pension, life and interment benefits.

Philippines - Social security general standards - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Rules and Regulations implementing Republic Act No. Made under Solo Parents' Welfare Act, Provides for benefits and priviledges to single parents and their children. Divided into 7 parts. Parts contain preliminary provisions and definitions of terms. Part 4 sets forth criteria for support. Any single parent whose income in the place of domicile is below or equal the poverty threshold set by the Statistical Coordination Board, and subject to the assessment of a duly appointed social worker, is eligible for assistance.

Part 5 provides for benefits, and Parts 6 and 7 contain administrative and final provisions. Amends article of the Labor Code by reducing the retirement age of mine workers from 60 to 50 years. Government Service Insurance Act. Republic Act No. Amends Presidential Decree No. Social Security Act of No. Coverage shall be compulsory for all employees under the age if 60 including domestic workers, provided their income is above a specified amount , spouses engaged in full-time house-keeping, self-employed professionals, and, on a voluntary basis, Filipinos recruited by foreign-based employers.

Beneficiaries shall include spouses, dependent children, and children born outside of marriage. Also sets forth benefits, which include a monthly retirement pension, dependents' pension, permanent disability benefits, funeral grant, sickness benefit, and maternity benefit.

Executive Order No. Adoption : PHLR Civilian victims of internal armed conflicts shall be treated as a sub-sector under the priority sector of the victims of disasters and calamities, and thus be granted access to assistance under the Social Reform Agenda, including the Flagship Program and Comprehensive Integrated Delivery of Social Services. National Health Insurance Act of R.

Also provides for the establishment of local health insurance offices, regulations concerning accreditation of health care providers, and procedures for grievances and appeals. Made pursuant to Republic Act No. Coverage Rule II. Interpretation Rule III. Definition of Terms Rule IV. Limited Portability of Funds Rule V. Totalization Rule VI. Responsibility Rule VII. Portability Law Republic Act No. Institutes a scheme for totalization and portability of social security benefits with the view of establishing within a reasonable period a unitary social security system.

Amends article of Presidential Decree No. Effective 1 May , the total permanent disability pensioners of the social security system SSS shall be entitled to a monthly supplemental pension of three hundred pesos, without requiring additional contributions from members. Philippines - Social security general standards - Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc.

Agreement between the Department of Labor and Employment and the Social Security System on the coverage of Filipino seafarers aboard foreign vessels under the Philippines social security, medical care and employees' compensation laws.

Memorandum Circular No. Adoption : PHLM Provides for insurance coverage for local government officials who do not receive a fixed salary or compensation. The coverage extends to cases of sickness, injury, disability and death. In particular, amends s. Amends the definition of "wages" or "salary" in paragraph w of s. Also amends s. Amended Rules on Employees' Compensation. It provides, inter alia, for compulsory coverage for workers' compensation Rule 1 , registration of employers in the System Rule 2 , criteria for the payment of compensation Rule 3 , liability Rule 4 , employers' contributions Rule 5 , types of benefits Rule 7 , medical services and rehabilitation services Rules 8 and 9 , entitlement to full or partial disability payments Rules and death benefits Rule Outlines the responsibilities of various bodies in relation to health policy and programmes, including inter alia maternal and child health, family planning services, radiation health services, health manpower development and training.

Repeals or amends legislation inconsistent with this text. Upgrades the base of contributions, adjusts the benefit structure and makes changes in the administration of the Social Security System. Amends ss. Sets maximum rates for medical care benefits for beneficiaries covered by the Social Security System and the Government Service Insurance System.

Presidential Decree No. Amends s. The Welfare Fund is established for the purpose of providing social and welfare services for Filipino overseas workers, including insurance coverage, legal assistance, placement assistance and remittance services s. Sets forth the funding, administration, management and powers of the Fund. Adoption : PHLL Policy and Definitions Chapter II. Administration Chapter IV. Contributions Chapter V.

Medical Benefits Chapter. Social Security Law of R. No Administration B. Definitions C. Scope of the System D. Benefits E. Sources of Funds - Employment Records and Reports. Poland - Social security general standards - Law, Act. Amendments facilitate migrant EU workers participation in occupational pension schemes. The upper length limit for obtaining pension entitlements is three years.

The objective of amendment is to regulate aspects linked to social security protection of farmers helpers during the period of harvests: new sub chapter has been introduced: 7a Agreement for assistance in harvest: does not fall into labour contracts category regulated by the Labour code, however is treated accordingly to the civil code regulations on agreement.

New form of agreement is therefore created.



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