I shall save you. You may not know Me. You may not realize who I am. Just pray to Me with a little touch of your heart and I shall free you from gripping sorrows and miseries. Over two centuries after these words were uttered by a sage, they have become famous all over Bengal.

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Escuela Internacional De Loknath Yoga. Yogaterapia Hrs. The process was extremely rigorous. Brahmanusthan is an ancient divine performance, which included eight fasting procedures.

These are, Naktabrata one day fasting , Ekantara two days fasting , Triratri three days fasting , Panchaha five days fasting , Nawaratri nine days fasting , Dwadasaha twelve days fasting , Pakshaha fifteen days fasting and Mashaha one month fasting. They had to follow Vedantic Sadhana during this time, which was an important parts of their Yoga practice.

At the end of their learning, Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly told them to cook food for him by placing the fire on their thighs, which the two disciples performed successfully. This was to prove that fire could not burn the body of a successful Hatha Yogi. One morning, they set out on a journey towards the great heavenly and peaceful abode of the spiritual seekers — the great holly mountain Himalaya. After travelling for many miles, Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly arrived at Himalaya with his two disciples through the way of North-west Mountain, which is famous as dwelling place of Gods and Goddesses.

This is the great place, where many great Yogis achieved Siddhi success at the end of their Yoga-Sadhana. Himalaya is also considered as the king of all mountains, the highest mountain range in the world.

They were walking on the rocky path. Gradually, they crossed the green area and reached the area covered with ice. Weather is different in this area, and very cold. There were no trees and it was not a suitable place to stay! Wherever you see, everything was covered with the ice. In this situation, Shri Loknath and Benimadhab realized why they had to go through Hatha Yoga practice for a long time. Otherwise, it would not be possible for them to stay here in this cold climate wearing a small piece of cloth.

Fire cannot burn their body; cold cannot stop them to move ahead. Shri Loknath was ruminating over the past event of their exam, i. When one is mastered became master in Asnas, from that, there is no disturbance from the dualities. It not only helps to achieve freedom from assault by the pairs of opposites, but also by the hot or cold.

At last, they reached at a rock with plain land. Some green grasses were there with some kind of flowers. There were many rocks surrounded by this land.

They three were watching the natural beauty of this area. This area was higher than the previous area and climate was colder. They discovered a cave there and Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly told his disciples to build an Ashram for their stay and Yoga-Sadhana with pieces of stones and shrubs. The two disciples followed his order and made the place suitable for them to stay. The desired moment arrived after a long time for which Shri Loknath and Benimadhab were waiting. Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly told them that they have already completed all the wings of Hatha Yoga very successfully.

They have even completed starting part of Raja Yoga, Dharna or Concentration and Dhyana or Meditation very successfully. Therefore, only the eighth limb of Ashtanga Yoga is left for them to practice. This is Samadhi or super consciousness. This defines Samadhi as the stage when the object of meditation becomes the subject and whereby self-awareness is lost. It is the state of Super Bliss and Joy, merging individual consciousness into universal consciousness, a union between Jivatman individual soul and Paramatman universal soul , a union of Shiva and Shakti in Sahasrara Chakra.

Realizing the Brahman pure consciousness or Realization of God is the ultimate achievement of Human Birth. Self Realization is the ultimate stage of Ashtanga Yoga. Baba Sri Loknath Brahmachari did not disclose much about the secret of his higher Yoga practice. Nevertheless, from his speech we have come to know that he spent nearly 50 years in Samadhi and achieved the highest level, a human body can achieve. During his Samadhi state, Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly could not sleep or eat properly, because, he used to take care of them day after day, year after year.

During winter, their body was covered with ice and in daytime, in summer the ice melted down from the body. Baba Shri Loknath assumed his favourite posture Gomukhasana.

Once he said that his blood became thick during this time and body was covered with extra layers of skin. This skin had removed when he left this area and came down to the plain land. They did not eat or drink and so did not need to evacuate the bowel or urinate. This highest state of Yoga is very difficult to achieve without proper guidance of a Guru. That is why, Baba Loknath always used to tell about his Guruju Shri Bhagaban Ganguly, about his untiring labour and sacrifice of his entire life for his students.

Samadhi is the highest practice of Yoga-Sadhana. Sam - same, adhi - highest. During this state, the individual soul immersed in to the endless delightful ocean. Baba Loknath attained his Enlightenment, i. Anandamaya Kosha merges into this world, and is not ruined by any kind of universal dissolution. That is the reason, for which once Baba Loknath said, "I am eternal. I am deathless". Gita - When Baba Loknath came back from Samadhi, he saw His Guruji still there in front of him to take care of them like a loving mother.

You had to work very hard and sacrificed your entire life for me to achieve this highest state of Yoga, but you remained unchanged. I am feeling so sad for you Guruji. I am worried how and when you will receive the same? I had idea that Siddhi success can be achieved only through the way of Karma Yoga for Yogis. However, I have already become very old, my age is years, and I do not have the capacity to go through this rigorous process of Yoga-Sadhana. However, I will be reborn again and you will be my Guru that time to guide me through the way to attain my Enlightenment.

Because of this reason only a Siddha-Yogi like Baba Loknath came down to the plain land to stay with the normal people like us. After a few days around - 40 , Baba Loknath, along with his Guru and his friend set out on a journey towards Mecca and Medina on foot.

Guriji wanted him to study the Holy Koran under an able teacher at Kabul, which is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan.

The three Yogis stayed for some time with Molla Shadi, who was famous for his poetry and his brilliant commentaries of the Koran during that time. From Kabul, they went to Mecca and Medina walking by foot. While walking through the desert towards Medina, they met Abdul Gaffur , who was also a years old, great ascetic, staying in the desert. He abstained from speech most of the time. However, Baba Loknath had a talk with him. Baba Loknath later said the following about this great man —. After few days, they left Mecca and set out on a journey to Kashidham Varanasi in India , one of the holiest pilgrim sites, on the bank of the River Ganga.

From that time, four of them were staying together. Later, these four great Yogis stayed together, when they came back to Varanasi.

Sri Loknath and Sri Benimadhav lost their Guruji, who was their father, loving mother, there only friend and guide. They left their family and parents at the age of After that, Guruji was the only person to take care of them as their father, mother and teacher.

They received enlightenment because of him only; his hard work, his love and sacrifice all were there behind it. Baba Loknath later said, we were lucky enough that we had a Guruji like him. We salute that Guru. After Guruji Bhagaban Ganguly passed away, the two great yogis - Loknath, and Benimadhav set out on a journey again to holy Mecca and Medina with Sri Trailanga swamiji.

They travelled many places over there including Italy, France and Germany on foot. Then they stopped at the beach of Atlantic Ocean. Later, Baba Loknath said that it took them several years to travel all these places on foot. Baba Loknath learnt many languages during this time. As they took a long time to travel from one place to another they had an opportunity to interact with the people over there. After that, they returned to the loving lap of Himalaya for Yoga-Sadhana.

Moreover, when their mind and body had become peaceful and energized Baba Loknath and Benimadhab planed for a journey again. The picture of Bhima Pul, which Bhima is said to have made from a huge stone slab for his brothers and Draupadi to cross the Saraswati River safely during their Swargarohan..

Draupadi Temple at Mana village The holy shrine of Gangotri situated at an altitude of m above the sea level…. Yamunotri temple is situated in the direction opposite to Gangotri m above sea level. He came to know about their plan and suddenly arrived at Badrika ashram to stay with them. Both of them became very happy to have Swamiji with them. Unfortunately, One by one, Draupadi and the four brothers died on their way because of unbearable cold. Only the virtuous Yudhisthira climbed to Heaven in his bodily form.

The four great Yogis also walked up through that great rout of the Himalayan range, by the side of the river Saraswati to Kailas and Manasarovar, which is located in western Tibet.


Baba Lokenath

You may not realize who I am. Just pray to me with a little touch of your heart, and I shall free you from gripping sorrows and miseries. Baba Lokenath Brahmachari was born in the date of birth is dipped in controversy in a village called Chakla in Barasat district, a few miles to the north of the city of Kolkata. His father Ramnarayan Ghosal, a devout lover of God, believed in the age-old Hindu tradition of allowing one person from the family to become a renunciate monk and be totally dedicated to the Divine service. He convinced his wife Kamaladevi to dedicate one of their children to God. She agreed.


Baba Lokenath (1730-1890)

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