DataSheet : www. The LXTA also provides a. This document also supports the LXT device. Its operating condition.

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Contact your local Intel sales office or your distributor to obtain the latest specifications and before placing your product order. Contents 1. LXTA 3. Status Register 2 Address Datasheet Document : Revision Date: August 7, Figure 1. Figure 3. Table 1. Table 2. Table 5. Functional Description 3. Setting Register bit Figure 5.

Interrupt logic is shown in LXTA also provides two dedicated interrupt registers. The digital and analog circuits require 3. These inputs may be supplied from Software Power Down Software power-down control is provided by Register bit 0. The hardware option uses the three LED driver pins. This provides three control bits, as listed in LED Establishing Link See Figure 9 for an overview of link establishment.

Each burst consists of Separate channels are Operational loopback is not provided Figure Upon detection of a collision, the COL output is asserted and remains asserted for the duration of the collision as shown in Figure In the receive direction, the PCS layer performs the opposite function, substituting two preamble nibbles for the SSD.

If one to four dribble bits are received, the nibble is Table This allows the designer to optimize the output waveform to match the characteristics of the magnetics. When the Link Integrity Test function is enabled the normal configuration , it monitors the connection for link pulses. Once link Register bits Normally, Register When the stretch timer expires the edge detector is reset so that a long event The transformer isolation voltage should be rated protect the circuitry from Center-tap current may be supplied from 3.

Additional power savings may be realized by supplying the center-tap from a 2. A separate Both 3. Typical LXTA-to Datasheet Document : Revision : Rev.

Timing Diagrams Figure Table complete memory map of all registers and individual register definitions. Control Register Address 0 Bit Name 0. Status Register 2 Address 17 Bit Name Link status is the primary LED driver. Values are relative approximations. Not guaranteed or production tested. A4 Figure About Contact Requests Pricing Request parts.

My request: 0 parts. The LXTA also provides a. Its operating condition. Request R. Part Number:. Page Page 3 Contents 1. Page 4 LXTA 3. Page 6 LXTA 3. Page 7 Status Register 2 Address Page 8 LXTA 3. Page 10 LXTA 3. Page 11 Figure 1. Page 12 LXTA 3. Page 13 Figure 3. Page 14 LXTA 3. Page 15 Table 1. Page 16 LXTA 3. Page 17 Table 2. Page 18 LXTA 3.

Page 19 Table 5. Page 20 LXTA 3. Page 21 Functional Description 3. Page 22 LXTA 3. Page 24 LXTA 3. Page 25 Figure 5. Page 26 LXTA 3. Page 28 LXTA 3. Page 30 LXTA 3. Page 31 Establishing Link See Figure 9 for an overview of link establishment. Page 32 LXTA 3. Page 34 LXTA 3. Page 36 LXTA 3. Page 37 Figure Page 38 LXTA 3. Page 40 LXTA 3. Page 41 Table Page 42 LXTA 3. Page 44 LXTA 3. Page 45 Register bits Page 46 LXTA 3. Page 47 Table Page 48 LXTA 3. Page 49 Figure Page 50 LXTA 3.

Page 51 Figure Page 52 LXTA 3. Page 53 Figure


LXT971A Transceiver. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent


EN ISO 23277 PDF

LXT971ALE Datasheet



LXT971ALE-A4 Intel Corporation, LXT971ALE-A4 Datasheet


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