Publication Timeline. To care for and cultivate a plot of land, a capable gardener must observe in order to act and work with, rather than against, the natural ecosystem of the garden. In this sense, he suggests, we should think of the entire planet as a garden, and ourselves as its keepers, responsible for the care of its complexity and diversity of life. The Planetary Garden is an environmental manifesto that outlines Clement's interpretation of the laws that govern the natural world and the principles that should guide our stewardship of the global garden of Earth. These are among the tenets of a humanist ecology, which posits that the natural world and humankind cannot be understood as separate from one another. This philosophy forms a thread that is woven through the accompanying essays of this volume.

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Manifesto del Terzo paesaggio

Domus Domus. The third landscape. The landscape first and foremost. A fragmentary Territory, imbued with great symbolic value but nevertheless residual, undecided, suspended. True friche that clearly highlights the flaws in the logic of the appropriation, inclusion, specialisation and exploitation of space. These are the 12 sections into which the Manifesto proper is organised, like the argumentation that precedes it.


Books by Gilles Clément


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Clément, Gilles


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