ST4 is a premium two seat motorcycle engine powered off road vehicle that you can build yourself at home using our highly detailed fabrication plans. ST4 features a long travel double a-arm suspension using Fox Air Shocks, both front and rear. We have done all of the engineering and geometry calculations to ensure your suspension, steering and driveline will function correctly and reliably for years. We designed our ST4 off road vehicle to be simple for you to build at home using your own welder, tube bender and fabrication tools. ST4 fabrication plans are laid out in a logical step-by-step format. We explain all the necessary fabrication steps that you need to do to successfully construct this premium off road vehicle.

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Hi from the uk! Right, so after a month or so of messing about ive finally started on the build and loving it. The plans are more in depth and better put together than other badlands plans ive seen, I was originally going to make some changes to the design but im now going to trust the plans and make it to spec. Need to get my hands on an r1 engine asap. Ive yet to see anyone make one of these, heres a few pics so far, tell me what you think!

Thats looking great man I want to build one next, Im glad I get to see one built before I start Finally an ST4 build! I was very looking forward to a ST4 build! I love the design.. Your welds and structure.. If you also take a look at the construction of my ST I will follow every step :D.

Nice to see that you went ahead with the ST4 build, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I'd like to see a physical specimen of the ST4, as I've only seen renders thus far. Good luck and keep the posts coming!

Finally, my one of favorite buggy! Can you pass me some dimensions of subframe? Great to see a build thread!!! I have bought the plans a few months ago but waiting for winter to start mine, to damn hot here in Florida right now. The plans are good value for money I just wanted to know how much space do it have in engine section, because my plans is to make st4 with Audi engine.

Not much progress to report, but I cut and welded all the tabs on the bottom half of the chassis tonight, few more pics. Yes, i'll try and update this more often! I'll let the pictures do the talking but, the front end is basically complete.

Ive now run out of tube but im hoping to get the rear end finished next week. It will also have disk brakes on each wheel and cv joints instead of U joints. It's looking really good. That's the first ST4 frame I've seen and I like it. Great fab work too, it's nice having the space and equipment to build it. Good luck finding uprights that work for you, that can sometimes be the hardest part about building a buggy, finding off-the-shelf parts for a build.

Like others have said good to see a ST4 build and very nice job so far. Keep the pictures coming, you know they say they are worth a thousand word:D. Are you just using a hand held plasma torch with you plasma table. That looks interesting. It sure looks like it does a sweet job. The plasma table would do it but it doesnt like holes very much as it puts a noticable taper on the edge, Ive had the front and rear assemblies laser cut as theres less prep work, also most of it interlocks so size is important.

There's not much difference between the hand torch and a machine torch in performance, The machine torch is just easier to hold and obviously looks neater Rear end complete Now onto the A-arms.

Man, that looks NICE! Or are they of your design. I was thinking of building this, instead of my Rorty, but no one built one before I am following this build for sure! Badland buggys stepped up a level when they designed the ST4.

That frame looks good. Really, really nice work! Yes plans include A-arm drawings, I'm using hubs and steering column off a donor car to make the buggy pass the sva road test abit easier, So I now need to do a crash course on camber, castor, toe, scrub etc!

As I will need to modify the arms to suit. What is the length in engine section? I'll get you a measurement when I'm in tomorrow. What is the inside cockpit dimensions from the inside of the rails?

Wondering if its wide enough to fit the extra wide suspension seats. Headheight you have about 33" wide From the side rails you have about 46" wide. Like others on this board I have been waiting on someone to build the ST4. You have inspired me to start looking at the plans again. I bought the plans a few months ago and picked up a wrecked ZX12 for power and I was thinking of selling it, but maybe now I won't. Keep up the great work and please give lots of info on the parts you are sourcing.

How well does it work? That is a kick-azz work table! I never paid much attention to work tables,but now I want one like that! Nice job! It looks like a Bosch angle finder Great looking build by the way. Yes its a bosch digital angle finder, got it off ebay it works using a gyro and is as accurate as I need it to be.

I dont know what i'd do without that table! Bit of an update, front end is just about complete. Ive had no end of problems with getting materials and then machinery breakdowns but ive finally got some progress. Ive changed the arms and used automobile uprights, geometry isnt the best but its the only way it will pass the street legal test. Sorry about the lack of pics, I Keep forgetting to take them Can you post some pics of your front a-arms? Looking good.

Do you have to install a windshield to get it street legal? That thing is looking very good. We're having a difficult time coming up with a decent looking hood because of the way the front end is on our buggy ST3 , but you shouldn't have any problem with body panels with the way they designed that frame. Keep up the good work and don't forget to take pics. Yeah I just love the ST4! Your front look really brute! The suspension arms are way cooler than my ST2 plans describe!

Same thing for the shocktowers and front bumper:D But i'm afraid that you get some trouble with bumpsteer when I see your steering arms.. When the suspension cycles you automaticly 'steer' so the tires go outwards.. Or do I just see that wrong? It doesnt need a windshield to be street legal, I also like the design of the st4.

Its deffinately the smaller of the 2 seaters out there, I can bearly get in with the steering wheel in place! ErwinBnl- Your right, I will probably turn up some adaptors, the uprights have been reemed from the bottom to take tapered rodends, ideally they need to be reemed from the top.

Thanks Swifty, for posting some great pics of your build! I'm a fan! Great to see a whole buggy community with input from everyone. That's what this is all about. Love it!

That's why the chassis is designed the way it is. The front suspension is designed to be modular with integrated steering. That's why there's no CV joints in there, cost. Great project build! I'll continue to follow. Anyone can contact me personally, as well, anytime if they have any specific questions about ST4. Cheers, Bruce badlandbuggy. Your presence on this forum may help many builders here. Wow very nice to see Bruce from Badland buggy on the forum! Greetings, Erwin.


ST4 Two Seat Desert Buggy Plans






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