An ultrasonic anemometer using TDC-GP2 high-accuracy time measuring chip is studied in this paper, the design of software and hardware parts and principle of flying time measurement using TDC-GP2 chip are also discussed in detail. Under this scheme, a prototype has been fabricated, with simpler circuit architecture. A wind tunnel experiment of the prototype was conducted, the test result shows that the ultrasonic anemometer can measure wind speed up to Wind directions vary from 0 to degree can be detected with accuracy of 3 degree. Request Permissions. Instrument Technique and Sensor, , 2 :

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The wealth of experience ams previously acam has gathered assures the ability to integrate all necessary funtions on a single circuit and so to provide a system-on-chip solution. The high resolution is all the more impressive as this TDC is realized on a radiation hard process. On the base of the ATMD-System we also develop complete solutions and additional modules to fit your application. For more information, please contact RoentDek.

For more information, please email sales gpta. This type of TDC uses the absolute propagation time of signals through simple logical elements for fine quantisation of time intervals. In other words, it determines how many inverter cycles the measured time interval consists of. The figure shows the principle of operation. Clever circuit set-ups, redundant elements and special layout methods on the chip enable the exact reconstruction of the number of basic time intervals. The resolution strictly depends upon the basic delay time in the chip.

Resolutions in the range of 14 ps can be achieved by a simple set-up of the measuring core and the use of a state-of-the art CMOS process. The propagation delay itself depends on temperature and supply voltage. Therefore the measured value must be calibrated.

This is done by measuring one and two periods of a reference oscillator. Ideally this measurement and the following calculation is done by the TDC itself. Email: sales pmt-fl.


TDC-GP2 time-to-digital converter

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Design and Experiment of Ultrasonic Anemometer Using TDC-GP2 Time-to-Digital Converter

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