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View Book Info Page. I really liked this book, though. It was like a potato chip book for me. I stopped reading at 3 a. The book opens with Nora at a crossroads. Zach makes a private deal that he will not be riding her in the literal sense, no matter how much he wants to. And British. And conflicted. Nora is conflicted too.

Wesley is a student a nearby liberal arts school, living with Nora rent-free in exchange for his help around the house. What started as a friendship between them has been blossoming into love and desire.

Wesley is strictly vanilla though. He wants love and fidelity. So now for the kinky stuff. I said parts of this book would normally bother me.

This is hardcore pain and control. He canes her. He beats her. He causes her serious pain. There is a sodomy scene in this book that made me wince and do deep breathing through my nose luuuuubbbbe, you need lube! In the past, after their scenes together, Nora has wound up needing medical care. For one, Reisz deftly handles the subject of consent. Everyone knows exactly what they are in for. Also the sex is character-driven, not just for titillation.

In fact, their need for each other is this all-consuming, pyre-like thing. He saved up her pain, counted it like currency and the more pain she endured, the more pleasure she could buy with it. But I did understand that Nora needed it, and that it was an integral part of her character, not something she was dabbling in or coerced to endure. And most of the time Nora is the Domme.

I want dominant Amazonian women in leather boots, goddammit. I need a break from all the other books out there. I love the Reisz can write a submissive male character and still keep empowered and sexy.

It can be done, people! Their mutual desire and frustration is palpable, and I love that shit. Nora is a tough, smart, independent woman and I love her as a character. I love a female character that just goes for what she wants and articulates her needs clearly. Nora is like that. See the curve of His back and shoulders. It is a classic feminine posture. His hands are tied behind His back and His robe is falling over His hips.

And all the men are just pointing and staring and gawking. But the women—see them? She has to hold onto the other woman just to keep from collapsing. The women always know. It was a sexual assault, Zach. It was a rape. Nora took a deep breath and Zach felt his own breath catch in his chest. He understands the purpose of pain and shame and humiliation.

There was a scene in this book that bothered me slightly. His parents have disowned him, and he feels worthless. Again, handled less deftly than Reisz does, this would have really upset me, but I found myself able to accept it.

Strangely, my issue with The Siren is the same issue I have with paranormal romance. Giant Carpathian dicks and doggy-style. It takes a lot of world building to set up the lifestyle Nora and the other characters live. I felt like The Siren was missing a little depth in that regard. The reader is introduced to this world through Zach, the newcomer, which made the transition fairly easy.

Still, I enjoyed the next two books in the series more because I was already immersed in the world. It deals with a lot of taboo subjects as erotica is wont to do. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We also may use affiliate links in our posts, as well. You and me both. Such a well written review, Elyse, and I completely agree! I fell in love with The Siren when it came out, though I was at first hesitant to pick it up.

I applaud you for marathoning the first three—wow! There are moments when this series is just so emotionally wrenching, and I just love it. I think that the later books get a little disjointed like the 5-person rotating point-of-view in The Mistress but The Siren really hits it out of the park for me.

Thanks so much for this review! I devoured this series in three big gulps. It was incredible. The world building was amazing. This book made me physically ill, so I would caution any rape or abuse survivors from reading it. As a survivor of both this book was bad for me.

It does actively present a rape. The very tall, built, alpha looking guy is the sub to a diminutive female domme. I discovered via the comments here a while ago and found it a great read. Are there any other female switch characters? The statutory rape scene really turned my stomach. I work with people who were abused, and it is just so not sexy. So, so wonderful. She has her signature immersive style which makes that book of hers my favorite.

This is one of my favorite series, full stop. I devoured all the books and am eagerly awaiting the prequel spinoff series right now. This series was the great mind fuckery of all time. My emotions were all over the place but Ms. The rape scene was a trigger but again, she played it out well. When peeps asked me about reading the series, I was brutally honest with them.

Tiffany is a pro at her job. She makes you think, squirm and sigh at the same time. Plus, I love Domme stories. This is such an intelligent review of this amazing book. I really wanted to hate Soren for so many reasons. I am going to share this with a few people.

I keep recommending this book but I find it difficult to explain why. This book is available from: As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. April 24, at am. April 24, at pm. Liz H says:. An says:. Tam B. Maite says:.



Notorious Nora Sutherlin is famous for her delicious works of erotica, each one more popular with readers than the last. The demanding British editor agrees to handle the book on one condition: he wants complete control. And a dangerous former lover has her wondering which is more torturous — staying away from him … or returning to his bed? Nora thought she knew everything about being pushed to your limits.


Book Review – The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

View Book Info Page. I really liked this book, though. It was like a potato chip book for me. I stopped reading at 3 a. The book opens with Nora at a crossroads. Zach makes a private deal that he will not be riding her in the literal sense, no matter how much he wants to.

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