Easy to operate and maintain. Shipping is included in the pricing, which will differ for some customers is how the systems are shipped to you. If a complete system can be sent through regular carriers then that is the way you will receive it. If you live in a remote area or not easily accessed by small carriers, your system will be shipped as three main components that will require a small amount of assembly. Support , we provide email and phone support for installation including programming, sizing, and connections.

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Click on our logo to go to the home page. Safe, secure online shopping! The inherent reliability for the system means a long life of efficient, trouble-free, uninterrupted soft water luxury. Should maintenance become necessary, the Series offers a unique "separation" capability. Other components, such as the computer control, are modular, making it by far the most home-owner friendly valve on the market.

The two key features of the Logix demand system are the microprocessor, and a water meter located on the valve outlet. The flow of soft water through the turbine meter generates electrical impulses that tell the computer the amount of water being used. Every day, at am, the past 7 days' water usage is statistically analyzed to anticipate the amount of water that will be used the next day.

The computer then determines if the softener has enough remaining capacity to supply the next day's needs - if not, the unit will regenerate. If the water usage pattern changes, the computer automatically compensates for the change and regenerates only when needed. This results in higher operating efficiency and lower salt usage compared to other systems.

Here's a few of the key features of the Logix computer control softener valve: Only one moving part - the turbine in the water meter. No reduction gears like other units! Self-adjusting reserve - keeps it to a minimum for optimum efficiency. Flow indicator flashes whenever water is flowing through the valve. Calendar override feature can be programmed to initiate a regeneration at a fixed interval if water usage has not been enough to trigger it - beneficial on iron-bearing water.

Go HERE for more information. In addition to the original control, we now offer the upgrade control. This advanced controller allows you to adjust the individual regeneration cycles to "fine tune" to your conditions. For example, if you have a sediment filter on before your softener, you don't need the backwash cycle to go the full 14 minutes - you can shorten it to conserve water.

Or if you have high iron, you may wish to lengthen the cycle to be sure to remove it from the resin. Logix Series Manual 5. Optional Brine Tank Over-flow Shut-Off: The standard brine tank set-up has a simple overflow fitting where tubing is connected to direct overflow to a floor drain should a malfunction occur. You can add a brine tank safety float shut-off if a floor drain is not nearby. Note: 11 X 11 X 38 brine tank smaller footprint, lbs.

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Autotrol Controller Logix 740/760

The Logix and controllers are used primarily with the Autotrol and valves. There may come a time in the life of your water softener where you need to do a master reset of the Autotrol Logix controller. If your Autotrol control valve uses the Logix or controller then you can use these instructions to perform a master reset to get it back to the factory defaults. Warning - this reset procedure will erase all stored values including historical data. You'll know if you have a Logix or if yours looks like this:. The control valve is now reset to factory default values and you can proceed to the following resources for reprogramming instructions. Look for the section titled "Initial Setup".


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Injector for Autotrol LOGIX Series Valves



Autotrol Logix 764 Controller


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