For Holy Week this year we had printed booklets with all of the newly translated prayers for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil, plus a selection of hymns. But some of the hymn translations were truly dreadful. And they were not modern translations but old ones. Today, only three lines remain from the original, which was titled Ad coenam agni providi translated by J. He published this translation in

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On behalf of the entire Hymnary. Ad regias Agni dapes. It is the hymn at Vespers, "Sabbato in Albis," i. In addition to the ordinary editions of the Roman Breviary the text is given in several modern Roman Catholic hymnals, Card. Newman's Hymni Eccl. Shouts, B. In garments dight of virgin white.

First published in his Hymns for the Week , , p. In its original form it is not in common use; except in Hymns and Introits , , No. The opening line was borrowed from E. Now at the Lamb's high royal feast. Caswall, in his Lyra Catholica , , p. This is the translation usually found in Roman Catholic hymn-books. An altered form of this in 4 stanzas is No. At the Lamb's High Feast we sing.

Campbell, written in [C. Andrew's Hymnal , , in 4 stanzas of 8 lines. In the original manuscripts the first two lines are added as a refrain to each verse, but are omitted in the printed text. Cooke and Denton's Hymnal was the first to bring it into prominent notice, although in an altered form which has been copied by many compilers. Its use exceeds that of all other translations of the "Ad Regias Agni" put together; being found in a more or less correct form, in the most important collections of the Church of England.

Francis Pott's Collection , , No. At the Lamb's right royal feast. First published in the 2nd ed. It is an imitation, in the same metre, of R. Campbell's translation, and takes the place of Johnston's translation "Now at the banquet of the Lamb," in L. The Banquet of the Lamb is laid.

Singleton, made for and first published in his Anglican Hymn Book , , No. We keep the Festival. Come, join the Kingly Banquet free. Trappes, in his Liturgical Hymns , n. In stanzas i. John's Wood, Translations not in common use:— 1. At the Lamb's regal banquet where. Manual of Prayers and Litanies , From purple seas and land of toil. Primer , Now at the Lamb's imperial Feast. Mant, Passed the Red and angry sea. Williams, The Red Sea now is passed.

Beste, In garments bright of saintly white. Rorison, Come to the Lamb's right royal feast. Wallace, Sing, for the dark Red Sea is past. Oxenham, Williams's translation, Skip to main content. Click here to donate to Hymnary.

Please don't show this to me again this fund drive. Home Page. Ad regias agni dapes. Ad regias agni dapes Published in 7 hymnals. Notes Ad regias Agni dapes.

Page Scans. View Page. The Catholic Youth's Hymn Book: containing the hymns of the seasons and festivals of the year, and an extensive collection of sacred melodies; to which are added an easy mass, vespers, and motets Chants Sacres. Deuxieme serie d2.

Manual of Catholic Melodies d1. Roman Hymnal, Complete edition d1. Basil's Hymnal Francis Hymnal and Choir Manual d5. The Catholic Youth's Hymn Book Suggestions or corrections? Contact us. It looks like you are using an ad-blocker. Ad revenue helps keep us running. Please consider white-listing Hymnary.


“No translation can express the beauty and force of the Original”

An Ambrosian hymn by an unknown author; it was used for Vespers on the Saturday after Easter and subsequent Sundays and ferials until the feast of the Ascension. The Roman Breviary had an earlier version, Ad coenam agni providi, which seemed to reflect the Ambrosian Milanese thought of the sixth century or earlier. It may very well be the work of nicetas of remesiana, a near contemporary of St. When this hymn was included in the reform of the Roman Breviary, it lost in its revision much of the rhythm of the primitive text, only three original lines being retained unchanged. The hymn is the song of a people newly redeemed, glorying in the triumph of their Leader, who invites them to a banquet celebration.


Ad regias Agni dapes

An Easter anthem for 2-part mixed voices, organ, oboe, and English horn. This product is available as a digital download only; you must order at least 12 copies. A PDF of the oboe and English horn parts will be made available to you upon completion of your purchase. Ad regias Agni dapes — PDF preview. Ad regias Agni dapes, stolis amicti candidis post transitum maris Rubri, Christo canamus principi. Divina cujus caritas sacrum propinat sanguinem, almique membra corporis amor sacerdo immolat. Victor subactis caritas inferis, trophaea Christus explicat et coeloque aperto.


Ad regias agni dapes

Post a Comment Your comments are welcome, but they won't be published immediately. I moderate them first, just to weed out spam etc. Much of his life, both as a Protestant and a Catholic was dedicated to the education of Edinburgh's poorest children. In the Liturgy of the Hours it is used at Easter. Ad coenam Agni providi, stolis salutis candidi, post transitum maris Rubri Christo canamus principi.


Ad Regias Agni Dapes

We don't often ask for money. Just twice a year. This is one of those times. So, please, before you hit the "close" button on this box, would you consider a donation to keep Hymnary. In April , according to Google Analytics, our Hymnary website had roughly 1.

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