Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 4: Battery Charging ACME will not be responsible in any case for any consequential or direct problems that will lead to a loss of recorded or edited data. Furthermore ACME will not guarantee the content in case the recording or saving is not working properly.

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Join diydrones. Sign Up Sign In. Like 0. You need to be a member of diydrones to add comments! Email me when people reply — Follow. Replies Stephan July 23, at am. Hi Brian. I am also looking for the manual and drivers for my Flycamone V1. Could you perhaps help. Admin Morli February 4, at pm.

The manual and other stuff for the flycam series is available here. Matthias Huber February 4, at am. Second page image. First page This reply was deleted. RT chr1sa: Somehow I missed this, but last week Nvidia released a new version of its Isaac robot development framework.

Lots of new Lidar…. I had sort of drifted away as my browse-time went more on my phone, so this is great. I do need help and all can be reassured that I have spent many hours scouring the net for useful information. I am not new at quadcopter flying, I started in and have progressed through many…". Welcome to the new DIY Drones design!. You may have noticed that DIY Drones looks a little different today. We will be having a drop-in style meeting Wednesday pm EST. Pop in and…. RT tawnkramer: Thanks Everyone for another fun virtual race!

Amazing Ai racers competing head-to-head, Virtual Makers Fair event. Catch us…. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use diydrones. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator.


FlyCamOne (V2) Instruction manual

Manual zz. Since the camera unit weighs just 37g, all but the smallest of models should be able to take it aloft. This way up! Stick it on a wing but be prepared for a quick trimming session just after take-off. This new version of the camera has been available for the last six months or so, indeed a web search will reveal thousands of hours of FlyCam footage on You Tube. Film, video and digital cameras have all been sent aloft over the years, producing results both good and bad. In the past, the only downside to getting aerial stills and video footage was the degree of preparation required.


ACME FlyCamOne Manual

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